Saturday, March 17

You know the old story of the plumber with the worst pipes, and the chef who doesn't cook at home? Well I am the paper crafter who shows up to birthday parties without a card, because I am so busy making samples that get sent away to companies, that I never have suitable cards in my stash at home. Can you believe that little girl cards are the ones I never have. You'd think I would make a stack of those, but nope! So, today, I decided to do something about it. I have used brand new "Magic and Wonder" papers from Bella! to create some cute little girl cards. 

This range includes some subtle background papers, with bright stripes, and fun cutouts. It also includes a page of cute unicorns and rainbows which all little girls love. 

I used Fundamentals paper doiles to ground the design with some solid colour. 

 I also decided to offset the bright colours with black by using the sentiment, twine and black paint dots.

My second card uses all the same elements in a similar style.

if you look closely, you will also notice that the rainbow and unicorn have also been coated in some Crystaline glitter for some extra sparkle. I love this stuff. While the colours are all fun too, I love that you can add the crystalline to literally anything and it will maintain the original colour and style while adding a subtle hint of glitter.

Magic and Wonder patterned paper collection
Crystaline glitter glue
Fundamentals paper doilies
Fundamentals sentiment stickers

Sunday, February 25

Love and Cherish cards set with Alicia Barry

Today I have created a sweet card set using stackable labels, words and leaves from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I started with some vintage style background papers from the same collection, but in two different colour schemes. This means that they will co-ordinate together, but each stands alone as a piece of art.

 I wanted to create layers and dimension on the cards along with some texture, so to create this I have treated each chipboard layer with a different technique. The first layer of the Stackable Labels Shape Set pieces are inked with brown distress ink. This creates a matt finish that is fairly subtle. (tip: if you want to create a more vibrant colour effect using ink, paint the piece with gesso first).

The next layer is the plain label centre. For this I covered the piece in the same patterned paper as the background. This helps to create a cohesive flow across the project.

The next layer is the word from the 10 Words set. For this I used dimensional pearlescent paint which I painted on directly using the nozzle to ensure complete coverage. I kept the paint fairly think, and by pushing it around with the nozzle, I was able to create a great textured finish, along with the shimmer of the paint.

 The final layer was the Skeleton Leaves. This set is great value, as you can use the leaves as a full branch as seen, or separate them for a bunch of individual leaves. These were done as  a combination of the other techniques. First I applied ink to give some background coverage. I then added dimensional paint in two different shades, except this time I swiped it on with my finger to achieve a more variegated look. Finally I added some clear glitter glue across the top, before slightly shaping each piece and adhering to the card.

You'll notice that the rest of the card design is deceptively simple allowing the eye to focus on the chipboard cluster which I created off centre to make interesting use of the residual negative space.

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Tuesday, February 13

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts tool caddy

If you could see my desk right now,  you would know just how badly I need this Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts tool caddy to get me organised. The things on my desk all have a place, but there are a handful of items that I use every single day, that are too useful to put away after a project. They are the things I need at hand all fo the time. This caddy is perfect for this as it small enough to be close by without getting in the way of my work, but big enough to hold the fact it holds a surprising number of items right in arms reach.

I began by coating everything in gesso. This gave me nice white edges on the narrow, visible surfaces. It also gives a nice finished look to the inside of the project.  Never just assume that those parts can't be seen. Always finish off every face.

Next, I traced the sides onto card stock, cut and glued in place. You can just glue on first, the cut, but I find it hard to get a nice clean edge that way using scissors. If you do prefer this method, use a craft knife to trim. Sometimes on projects like this, I like to sand the edges once glued to ensure a nice close finish on the edges.

Once the visible sides are all covered in paper, go ahead and assemble as shown. From there it was onto embellishing. I used some fussy cut florals as my base. Even though I knew I would cover a good amount of them,  I wanted to have the leafy foliage visible. I had some die cut off cuts that I tucked into my main cluster, then adhered some gauze tucked under the edges of the cluster. To finish off and add an elegant touch, I coated Feathery Flourishes Mini in gold acrylic paint, and adhered to each side of the cluster.

You can see that I mirrored the cluster with a second one on the diagonal corner of the project, along wth a tied ribbon bow. This is a slightly smaller cluster, to compliment the large cluster without competing with it for attention.

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Tuesday, February 6

One design, two cards.

 Every now and then, a card design really comes together. I really loved this first one that I made, so what I like to do is immediately repeat the design on a second card, but I like to substitute some of the main elements. What I ended up with is two cards that I love, that look quite different, but are actual the same design. The best part was the second one came together really quickly.

I started out with a 5x7 card base, and layered two co-ordinating patterned papers leaving a small border between them. The third layer is a journaling card from the same collection. I used foam dots on this layer to add dimension.

Both of my frames from the Filigree frames Shape Set were inked with grey ink, then randomly coated in metallic embossing powder. Some of it blew away as I heated (must need new glue), but I actually love the speckled effect that resulted from it. I backed each of the frames in a plain coloured paper to help ground them and create a base for the title.

The titles, butterflies and dragonflies have a coat of gold glitter embossing powder. These turned out even better than I imagined. I originally wanted a matt gold to mimick the gold foil in the paper, but this is what I have, and I love it. It has a really cool texture too.

The final additions were fussy cut flowers, paper roses and some gauze, along with some tiny drops of dimensional paint.

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Sunday, January 14

Gymnastics with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

My daughter started gymnastics a little over a year ago, and she has already been moved up to the competition team. I'm excited about that of course, but I can see me spending a lot of money on the sport in the future. This Gymnastics Shape Set from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts is perfect for a gymnastics themed layout, and there are still heaps of pieces left over for more layouts in the future.

I started by layering some pretty papers along with the Flourished Frame Lisa. I covered it in metallic glittery paint to mirror the glittered elements in my papers. 

For my title block, I used some metallic paint again, but without the glitter and in a neutral tone. This allowed me to maintain the silhouette style of the piece, while creating a cohesive effect with my background papers.  I used this same paint on my Leafy Swirl piece

The Layered Border Victoria, beneath my title is a combination of the two paints one used on the other piece, with the copper colour grounding the more vibrant layer above it.

I used foam dots on all the chipboard pieces to create a shadow effect.

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Wednesday, December 27

A brand new year with Ruby Rock-It

So Christmas is over and it is time to look forward to a new year. In my house, I find that kids being kids, they get so excited about  what they want, that they don't always take the time to reflect on how lucky they are to have all the things in their life that maybe other people don't. 

This coming year, I want to change the focus in our house to being more aware of how fortunate we are, and to be grateful for that, so I have created this memory jar.  The idea is that as good things happen throughout the year, they write it on a piece of paper and add it to the jar. At the end of the year, they read about all the good things in their life and with a bit of luck, be grateful for what they have.

I started with a simple mason jar, and painted on some mod podge around the base. I sprinkled a combination of pink and white glitter, and also added in some pink micro beads.  I used a heat tool to make sure it was set. I also used the same method to add a coat of glitter around the edge of the lid.

I then created a label with some die cut shapes layered together. I used Ranger Distress Ink in Pickled Raspberry to lightly ink the edges. I used the same die cut on the top of the jar, and added a Fundamentals doily shape over the top. (I only had green left in my packet, so I glued it upside down to show to the white side.

I then added white ribbon, a small white flower and wood veneer stars to embellish.

Supplies used:
Francheville glitter

Saturday, December 23

Santa mini sleigh with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

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It is so close to Christmas, yet I still find myself making new things. If you've been to my blog, you'll see that I have made quite a few new home decor items this year all in my teal, gold and silver colour scheme. Today I am sharing this super cute Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts mini sleigh. 

I love all things mini and this is super cute. It's very small, only around 5-6 inches long, yet still has beautifully delicate details. This means that I really didn't have to do much to it, to create a really sweet little ornament. 

Being small makes it a perfect size for a Christmas village display, or a tree ornament.  If I had a whole group of these, I would pop a small stick in there with a name tag to make a very unique table place card decoration. Imagine one of these on each plate! Maybe that will be my goal for next year. 

The sleigh itself slots together very easily. I assembled first today, then coated in gesso. I left the decorative pieces separate. I painted the sleigh in teal paint and allowed to dry. In the meantime, I covered the gesso coated decorative pieces in liquid adhesive (I used embossing glue in a dauber bottle) then sprinkled very fine glitter. I then adhered in place to the sides of the sleigh. 

I then added a teal coloured ribbon bow, and piled in some mini pinecones and mini ornament balls. You could hot glue these in place if you were to hang it on the tree. That's really all there is to it. I almost feel guilty about how simple this project is, but that makes it a perfect project to try at home. It proves that not everything has to be overly complicated to look great. 

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Friday, December 15

Santa Sleigh table decoration with Ruby Rock-It

A few weeks ago, I created a hanging pinecone wreath to add to my Christmas display. You can see it here. 

Today, I have created a Santa Sleigh table centrepiece to match. I bought this timber sleigh at the goodwill store for $4. It is quite large, about 18 inches long at least. It wasn't bad as it was, but it does have a corner that has been broken off and re-glued (quite badly), plus it is in traditional green. This wasn't going to work with my colour scheme.

First step was to clean it down, and prime it with a coat of white spray paint, paying particular attention to the surfaces that I didn't plan to recover. 

I then traced out the sides onto the back of my gltiz cardstock. Both sides are obviously the same, I only needed to trace once, then cut a mirror image version. The sides are very large, so I needed to use two sheets for each side, with a seam, but that was then disguised. I choose to use a separate colour for the blades of the sleigh.

I used hot glue to adhere the papers, since they are heavier than regular cardstock. 

 Once that was done, it was just a matter of decorating. I put some florist foam blocks into the bottom, both to create some height and also to have something to anchor the branches into. I have used real Christmas tree branches. I simply went to the Home Depot and asked for the offcuts from the tree trimming. (I also use these the bulk up my banister garland). For those of you back home in Australia, sorry, I guess you will have to stick with artificial garland. At this point I also tucked in a strand of battery powered string lights, so it will sparkle in the night time.

I positioned my candles, which I embellished with pieces of leftover glitz cardstock. I trimmed the branches into manageable pieces and tucked into the foam, so that they would surround the candles. Be sure to allow plenty of space for the wick if you are using real candles.

Next, I tucked in some pinecones that we collected from the park. and tucked some large silk flowers into the foliage. I took some squares of deco mesh, and rolled them on the diagonal, and tucked them in at random places to add some colour.  I also added some small silver baubles.

You may find you need to tweak things a little to have the arrangement looking just right, by honestly, this is a sophisticated project, that was actually deceptively simple to put together. 

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