Saturday, May 20

Oops, here was I promising to update this more often and it has been a whole week. I guess I figure that it will be a boring read because I still can;t access my photos to share. The good news is that Michael has taken the computer to the repair shop, so hopefully we will be back to normal really soon.

In other news, I am off to ISC in the morning with the lovely Sara to do a workshop with Alannah Jergensmeyer from Arctiv Frog, so I am really looking forward to that.

Things are progressing very slowly on the New York front but no news yet. We are having fun on the net though, deciding where we might like to live.

A big Hi, to Vic who dropped in for a visit. Hope to see you around more often. I hope that baby belly isn't giving you too much grief. Not long now!

Not much else to report. Got some great new stuff from Bumblebee yesterday, but I can't share just yet. The ads that I have seen have been quite good so far, which is really nice. It's nice when people recognise it. Once I can get to my photos again, I'll post the published work here, so you can see which ones were mine. In the latest SM, mine is the one about the USA.

Best get off to bed so I can make it to the coast by 8 in the morning.

Saturday, May 13

Thanks heaps Sara for my new banner and slide show. It looks great. I'll have to figure out how to do this stuff myself eventually.

I went to visit Holly today. She is my dog that has gone to live with a new family. I really liked seeing her today. She has put on weight, and she seems really happy at her new house. She has more room and another border collie to play with. We got a few ohotos but without my normal computer I can;t have a good look at them yet.

A big Happy Birthday to Leisa and kerri at Scrapbook City. They celebrated their first year in business today. It was certainly nice and busy when I dropped in. The retreat is coming up really soon and the best news is that Sara is now coming. I;m very excited about that. I've never been to a retreat without her and I wasn'y looking forward to scrapping without her. I need to get cracking on a name tag now, not to mention finish the layout that I'll be teaching.

Meanwhile I'm off to do some blog surfing.

Friday, May 12

I haven't been able to post for a while for a few resons. We've been away, we've been sick and our computer has died. I can use Michael's laptop now to surf the net, but I can't get access to any photos so this will be a pretty boring post.

On a scrapping front I have been very busy at Indro. We have the retreat coming up soon, so there is lots to be done for that. i have almost finished the layout that I will be teaching. I have also done up the new design team kits, and the June customer challenge kit and some other kits that I can;t really talk about yet. it's all very exciting, but quite time consuming,. It's good to have it all done for the moment.

I'm busily working on my bunblebee design team stuff. There are new ads out int he mags but I haven't seen them yet.

Not much else going on really. Amanda is back from Canada, so I look forward to catching up with her.

Meanwhile, Michael is watching The Roadrunner (beep, beep) so I might try to sneak inside for some scrapping time.

Monday, May 1

Another long weekend gone. I'm going to miss them. I love 4 day weeks. Got a fair bot of scrapping done this weekend. I finished the cover of the baby journal for my sister, but I haven't photographed it yet. I finished a layout that I started at Deb's. I also got some DT stuff done, which is good.

We went to Ikea on Saturday and I got some really great glass jars for my ribbon scraps, so now they are all colour organised. They were only $5 for 4 of them too, so that was a bargain. I found some other stuff that I would like for my room, but with New York looming, Michael reckons there is no point getting more stuff to go on the walls.

I got some of my New Zealand photos printed up yesterday. I am having trouble uploading them here though. Maybe they are too big.

I got around to doing my canvas for the SAM cc and I'm really happy with the result. It;s a set of 4 mini canvases that i'll hang together like a montage.

My good friend Kate just called me from Emerald. I'm missing her a lot since she moved so it was really good to talk to her, and the best part is, she might be coming to New York at the end of the year.

Finally for today a big HI to Jen and Jill, who are new visitors to my blog.