Thursday, June 23

Catching Up.

Things have been quite busy around here lately. We have half a retaining wall, half a painted fence, and half a vegie garden. We now have a new washing machine after the last one self destructed a flooded the laundry. We have a new baby coming in the (extended), not me, an engagement, and a new job.

Amongst all that I have been doing lots of scrapping projects helping to run a competition, designing kits and teaching classes. I have become so behind in sharing these all in one place that I think I will spread it over a few days, perhaps focusing on one team at a time.

Let's start with Best Creation. Here are a few highlights.

June release: Rock Star. Love this line, and so perfect for our Rock Band days.

June release Splish Splash:

and finally for June: Loops and Scoops