Thursday, June 29

Karen's Class

Isn't it amazing what holidays will do for regular blogging.

I have just finished doing my first ever on line class with Karen Ridgeway. It was a doodling class, which I am quite interesting in at the moment. I feel pretty confident to have more of a go now. Here's the layout that I did. I quite like it. Thanks Karen.

I have just finished off a few DT projects for Scrapbook City. "Sweet Man" is using the new Heidi Grace papers. They are really nice. Unfortunatley this isn't a great picture of the layout, the computer is doing funny things. I really like the photo of Michael though. The tin is using the new Daisy D papers. They are really pretty. I'm very happy with how this turned out. I plan to make an accordian album to go in it (eventually).

I took some photos of Kyan on the swing the other day. He kept deliberately bumping his head, and then giggling his head off. He's such a big fan of himself. He's sleeping perfectly in the big bed. He's the best baby ever.

Tuesday, June 27


There is so much to say today.

First of all a very big congratulations to my very good friend Sara who has finally been anounced as one of the winners of the For Keeps A-Z competition. It's been a long wait. I can't wait to see her prizes.

Sara, Amanda and I took all the kids to the park yesterday. It was lots of fun, and the playground was great. We took lots of photos of course. Here are a couple.

I finally got my entries in for the RNA yesterday, Thanks again Sara fro dropping them off.I'm curious to see how many other entries there are and if I recognise any of the people. It's not really that big a deal that many people would know about. There are no rules about sharing for this one, so here they are:

Kyan is still doing well in his big bed. He looks so beautiful in there. I hope to get some good photos once we get him a new quilt cover. We've stuck woth his cot one at the moment while he transitions into his bed, even if it is too small. Now we have to decide whether to stick with the Pooh Bear theme, or switch to something new. I guess it will depend on what we can find at the shops.

Scrapbook City at Indro got all the new Heidi Grace papers the other day. They were still in the box so I got to be the first to open it all up. They are soooo nice. I've never been a big fan of Heidi Grace before but this stuff is gorgeous. I can't imagining the stocks lasting long. Lucky me, I grabbed some to do a DT layout. I'll post it here once I've finished it. I also picked up some of the new Daisy D stuff. It's really really nice. I started a BTP project with it last night. Pics coming soon.

Best keep going. Grandma is coming for a visit this afternoon, so I better go clean up.

Monday, June 26

Blog First, Surf Later

My plan today is to blog first, surf later.

Kyan has had 2 excellent nights in his new bed. I was a bit worried about him falling out, but he has been absolutley perfect. He doesn;t even get up and walk around when we put him to bed. We have tried to keep his bed time routine exactly the same, and it seems to be working. He is so cute in his bed.

Here are a couple more bumblebee layouts.

We are off to meet Sara and Amanda and the kids in the park today, so given that I am still sitting here in my pyjamas, I better get going.

Sunday, June 25

Getting Side Tracked

I keep meaning to blog. I come in here every day, but then I get caught up reading everyone else's blog that I don't get around to writing my own.

The biggest news for us at the moment, is that Kyan went into a big bed today. We got him an extendable bed from IKEA. He had 2 naps in it today and has gone straigth to sleep in it tonight. He's the best baby ever. He seems to really like it. It was very excited when he saw it. I need to get him some new linen for it this week. Michael has already packed away the cot into the garage.

Entries for the RNA are due this week so I am busily finishing them off. Should be right to finish them tomorrow now that I am on holidays.

I got some stuff back from Bumblebee the other day, so I should be able to post them now.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Wednesday, June 14

Back to Work

Well I am now back at work. It wasn't too bad I guess. I have a lot of work to do.

Here is a photos of the tin that Sara and I made at the convention on the weekend. I quite like it. I think that Sara and I are going to use it for our "She" albums, except that instead of doing it about ourselves, we are going to complete pages for each other.

I am still plodding through my masters entry I spent some time on my beyond the page last night. I think I like it. I haven't decided yet. I still really like the concept, but I'm not sure that the embellishments are coming through the way I would like. We'll see I suppose.

I seem to have uncovered a few lurkers. Hi Sara N. It's good to see you. Thanks for visiting me. Hi also to Cass. Cass has just recently gotten her new website and gallery up and running. Check out the link in my sidebar. Congrats Cass. Also Hi to Crissy. Hope you visit again. Thanks for your comments everyone.

For anyone local, Scrapbook City are having a stocktake sale over the next few days. You can shop online too.

The new Scrapbook Creations is out. There is a bumblebee ad in the inside cover. Mine is the Georgia Girl layout. I forgot to take a photo of it, so I can't post it here.

Best go I suppose, and get ready for work again tomorrow.

Monday, June 12

Sara and I headed back to the convention centre yesterday afternoon to do our Scrapbook Creations class. It was a really great class. Sara and I talked way too much as usual, but we managed to get a fair bit done. We made a really cute tin. I have almost finished mine. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow.

Here are some photos that we took at the class. We grabbed the opportunity for a photo with Jannah Kelly, the editor of Scrapbook Creations and Loraine Bate. Both of them were really lovely.

In other scrap news, I am STILL working on my double layout for my masters enrty. It is slowly getting there, but I can't believe how much time I am spending on the one layout. It is unheard of for me. My beyond the page is coming along nicely too.

Here are a few photos of recent layouts. The fancy pants one, I did on the retreat. It was funny, I had another photo planned for the layout, but hadn't printed it yet, so I used this one just for size and placement. In the end, the photo went so well with it, that I glued it on. I still have the other to scrap now.

The other one is just a Kyan layout. No great story to go with it.

We went out to Wivenhoe Dam today for a picnic. It was really nice. Not too busy either, surprisingly for a public holiday. I think we got some cute photos of Kyan riding his bike down a hill.

That's it for now. I've said it before, but if you stop by my blog, please leave a comment, so I know who's been. Bye.

Saturday, June 10

Sara and I headed off to the Scrapbook convention today. It was amazing how many people I saw that I knew. It was fun, but I had Kyan with me, and going to those shows with a pram is just ridiculous. I will try never to do that again. I constantly felt that I was getting in someones way. We met Jannah Kelly from Scrapbook Creations which was nice, and even got a free class tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

I finally got to meet Jill today, even if it was very brief. I'm really keen to do some scrapping together soon, and get to know her better IRL.

The lifeline bookfest was on next door. It's one of those things that I keep saying I'll goto, but have never managed to get there. It was incredible the number of books there. I only looked at the children's section, and got a whole bag of books for $5. That should keep Kyan happy for hours, not to mention Daddy with a sore throat. Kyan loves to hear stories. I hope he is a good reader when he gets older.

Here are a couple of layouts I did a few weeks ago when the computer was down.
The one of Kyan has french knots all over the place. The one of me was for last month's challenge pack for Scrapbook City. Speaking of whoch, they have announced the dates for the next retreat. It is going to be in November at Brookfield. I'm not sure if I'll still be here then, but if I am, I'll certainly be going. There are probably details on the website by now. Hope that link works, it's the first time I have put a link.

Anyway, Michael is off to the Brisbane Lions game tonight so I better get Kyan off to bed, and then I might be able to do some scrapping. I really need to get my RNA entries done.

Thursday, June 8

Not much news from me. I'm back to work unfortunately on Tuesday. It's been good to have some time to myself.

Sara gave me some beautiful roses the other day. They look so nice on my dining table. I'm so lucky to have such a great friend.

Someone ran into my car the other day. Michael went to have a look on Wednesday. They think there is probably at least $10 000 worth of damage. It's all covered by insurance, and we have a hire car, but it so mcuh hassle, for something that should not have happened.

I am busy working on my masters entry at the moment. I'm pretty happy with the way it is going so far. It's a lot of work. I did manage to do a couple of layouts for Scrapbook City yesterday.

The one of Sara is for the monthly challenge. It is definitely worth getting if you live close by. The good news is that once the gallery and forum are up and running, you can just upload your challenge entry and not have to worry about getting back to the shop.

The other layout is using Arctic Frog. It's just a layout for the shop. I quite like it.

Scrapbook City are also launching their new monthly kits too. They are great value.

Sunday, June 4

Sorry Jilly and Sara. Hope you haven;t missed me too much. I've had a really bad week and haven;t been feeling uip to using the computer. Not sure that I do today either, so I'll just do the tag from Sara and Will and leave it at that.
I AM: home from work
I WANT: to do some more scrapping
I HATE: fennel
I MISS: Michael when he is at work
I FEAR: heights
I HEAR: the washing machine humming
I WONDER: what Kyan is doing at daycare
I REGRET: not having breakfast this morning.
I AM NOT: going to work all week.
I DANCE: Irish, well I used to.
I SING: rarely
I CRY: !
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on the computer, it just seems that way
I WRITE: really neatly when I want to
I CONFUSE: myself all the time.
I NEED: to have breakfast
I SHOULD: go and make breakfast
I START: stitching on layouts and then complain about every stupid french knot, that seemed like a good idea at the time.
I FINISH: layouts in one sitting if I can help it.

I tag Shirlz(when she gets home) and Jenny