Thursday, September 25

New Sketch Class and a free class

My new class One Sketch, Many Ways starts at My Creative CLassroom on Monday. Cost is $30 for a 3 week course. You can fins the details here.

Today at You have a chance to get the class for free. Simply go the the blog here and leave your answer as a comment to be in the draw.

Wednesday, September 17

A rushed update

It's obviously been a long time since I blogged. I've been very busy, and today is so exception, so a very quick update from me.

* Around 6 weeks til we head back to Australia
* Went to Vegas
* Went in a helicopter
* Went to Boston
* Have had all the grandparents here for visits
* Cameron took his first steps on Sunday, although hasn't done too much since
* Cameron also has 4 teeth coming through
* Kyan turned 4 last week
* Made the top 50 shortlist in the Australian scrapbooking masters
* Have some new classes stated/starting at MCC

and some random pictures.