Monday, September 28

Kaisercraft blog party

Kaisercraft Q2 Collection Blog Party
6pm, 30th September 2009 (AEST)

Visit the Kaisercrafties blog to win prizes, get a sneak peek into the Kaisercraft Magazine, inside gossip from Kaisercraft product development about *NEW* products, giveaways plus a HUGE $440 Q2 Collection prize up for grabs, a live chat with the KC Design Team and more!!

Sunday, September 27

Clever Kyan and cute Cameron

Kyan was very lucky enough to get a new bike for this birthday from his grandparents. Michael took the training wheels off after only a few days since he has been using his balance bike for so long to get ready, and so on the second day, Kyan is able to ride a "big boy" bike all by himself. He is very proud of himself.

And not to be outdone by his brother, here is Cameron doing what he does best... just being cute.

Wednesday, September 23

Photography and photoshopping

I've been neglecting my macro lens lately, so took a few shots yesterday and have been playing with them a bit in photoshop. Feedback welcome.

Sunday, August 23

30 Days of Creative Contests

Kaiser have yet another new comp starting Sept 1st. They are being so generous with all these prizes.

The details:
30 Days of Creative Contests’30 days, 30 prizes.
September 2009
30 days = 30 contests = 30 prizes

Kaisercraft is hosting a month long celebration to celebrate its second quarterly release!Join in the fun, visit the Kaisercrafties blog during the month of September and you’ll find daily contests and prizes, industry news, inspiration, guest blog posts and much more!

They’ve also got exclusive photos, discussions and news on their facebook page and be the first to hear any news from kaisercraft via their twitter feed!

Here is another DT layout I created with the Q1 Kaiser release. This is using "Child's Play"

Tuesday, July 28

Kaisercraft News

There is so much going on at the KC blog at the moment, be sure to take a look. They are on the lookout for a professional scrapper to do some work out of the office in Geelong, so if you live nearby, it would be a great opportunity. I only wished I lived a bit closer.

There is also a competition on at the moment. You could win some of the great new stuff:

Every Saturday, a new sketch goes up on the blog, a piece every Sunday showcasing a scrap space, and a new card making competition.

Also, KC now have digi kits. Apple Tree is really pretty.

Here is a layout I created using the new PennyRoyale Layout from Kaiser.

Monday, July 20

New Baby Pics

I had a play with some more baby photos this morning. They are not turning out the way I wanted, but a few of them are cute anyway. I have also experimented a little with editing. I have so much more to learn.

Wednesday, July 15

Amelie Laura

Here she is finally. Amelie Laura was born on July 3rd, weighing 6 lb 12 oz. The c-section went smoothly. My recovery has taken a little longer this time around, hence the delay in posting, I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer.

The boys have both taken to her really well. We were pretty sure Kyan would, but had no idea how Cameron would react. He is quite fascinated by her, and spends a lot of time just looking at her. He is very sweet by giving her a dummy when she is crying.

Sleep is fairly intermittent still. She sleeps quite well during the day, but has a little trouble settling sometimes after night feeds.

Will post more pictures soon.

Wednesday, July 1

Time for an update.

We've had lots of people checking in on us as our baby day gets closer, so I figured an update was in order.

We are booked in for a c-section ths Friday morning, so we will have our new little girl by the weekend. Michael will get all the details up on facebook/twitter as soon as he can, so check there for the news. I'll be in hospital until mid next week, so I will post some pics here when I can.

Kyan is very excited about meeting his new little sister. Cameron is completely oblivious. The baby room is almost ready. I just need to get Michael to put up the new curtain rod, and a few little bits and pieces, and we will be done. It's very pink. will post a picture when it is finished.

I've also been busy trying to get some Kaiser layouts done before I'm away. I got all 6 new collections last week or so, and they are amazing. The new packaging is very cool too. Everything comes in re-usable ziplock bags. I've finished 4 layouts using hte new stuff but can't share just yet. Should be able to to soon though, so check back soon.

I know a few poeple who check here haven't seen the boys for a while, or even any photos of them, so here are a few recent ones. Kyan is doing great at daycare, and really loves it. His asthma has improved hugely now that we have tried a new medication. Cameron is getting cuter everyday. He still doesn't say much, but seems to be trying to at least.

Thursday, June 18

Kaiser newsletter

The new Kaiser newsetter is out. If you are not already signed up, head over to to sign up. I have a sketch layout in there this month. Here is my layout:

Also, be sure to head to to have the chance to win some of the awesome new collections that are due out this July. While you are there, check out my design tip for Tuesday Tips.

Thursday, June 11

Kaisercraft competition

For those of you who don't know, Kaisercraft are changing the way they release their new stuff. It will now be quarterly instead of monthly, but will include heaps more stuff. The first quarter was released at a special launch party in Melbourne last night. To celebrate they are running a competition over on the Kaisercraft blog, and you can win awesome prizes, so head on over there and check it out:

Today the "Child's Play" collection is up for grabs.

Kaisercraft news.

Just a quick one to remind you to check in here tomorrow for some news about something very cool going up on the Kaisercraft blog starting tomorrow.

Friday, May 8

Mother's Day project

Thanks for all the lovely comments about making the Kaisercraft DT. We completed our first project this week, which was to make a card for Mother's Day. I used papers from the Distracted range to make this one

By the way, if you are a fan of Kaiser in any way, you might want to check out this link: for a little sneek peek of the new stuff coming soon.

In baby news I am at 31 weeks now, with 3 weeks of work left. Everything is going well, in fact she is kicking me right now as I type.

Monday, April 27

Kaisercraft Design Team

I can finally share the news that I have been selected as one of the new Kaisercraft design team members. I love their stuff and am really looking forward to working for them. I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team also who are:
Christine Rumley, ACT, AUS
Nikki Antonello, VIC, AUS
Renee Ludlow, ACT, AUS
Nancy Burke, Idaho, USA
Alicia Barry, QLD, AUS
Elizna Parsons, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Fran Tynan, WA, AUS
Pam Thornburn, Edinburgh, UK
Tanya Tahir, WA, AUS
Samantha Hauzer, QLD, AUS
Rona Bailey, NSW, AUS
Carole Janson, QLD, AUS

You can check out the announcement at

Here are my submissions:

Friday, April 24

More catching up

Here are some more layouts that I did ages ago. They were made with the final monthly kit from 2croppincousinz. be sure to check out theri new blog at They have a clearance sale on at the moment too.

2CC also have a new project for sale at the moment. It is a very cute acrylic wall hanger. You'll get everything you need to make this from the kit, even with some of the cutting out and punching done for you:

Here's the link to buy the kit:

This last one is a layout I did with some newish Kaiser papers that I got at the paper crafts show a while back:

I have some more layouts to post, I just need to get them onto the computer. Will try to upload tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9

From November

It's been a very long time since I have been on here, but with the move and everything, time has gotten away, so I am trying to do a few catch up posts now.

The move back was fine. We were without our stuff for a long time though, so the house was very empty for a few months. It all finally arrived just before I went back to work, so it wa a long process to get it all set up, but we are pretty much there now.

I have been back at work for a term now teaching dance and visual arts which is fun but exhausting.

I think everyone already knows this, but just as we got home I discovered I am pregnant again. The best part is that is it a girl this time. I have about 12 weeks to go.

We have our first trip back to America booked in for September. We'll be going to LA, New York and North Carolina. Can't wait to see our friends and go to our favourite restaurants.

Here are some layouts for 2CC from way back in November. Be sure to check out their new blog if you haven't been there yet: