Wednesday, January 31

New sketch challenge.

This new page plan has gone up as the monthly challenge at Scrapbook City, along with my sample layout.
If you are up for a fun challenge have a go with the sketch and upload it to the gallery. You can also have your version featured here on my blog as an example of how to use the sketch.

I have been working in a few new page plans, so keep looking for those. I have also added a few layouts based on the sketches. Sorry they are a bit small.

I managed to snap this photo of Kyan today. I'd like to have a bit of a play with it before I print it up.

I am working on the new online class for Scrapbook City. The details should be up in a day or so.

The first lot of DT assignments for 2CroppinCousinz goes up tomorrow, so I'll be able to post those tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 30

Contests Galore

There is a heap of stuff going on over at 2CroppinCousinz, so if you are in need of a challenge head on over and of course, everyone loves prizes.

There is a card competition: Great way to use up some scraps.

You could also compete to be our Guest Designer for April. Here are the details:

Plus our usual monthly competitions will be up on the 1st of Feb.

Sunday, January 28

View from my verandah tonight.

Finally here it is. This was taken 5 minutes ago from the verandah of our apartment.

Thursday, January 25

A couple of clips for you

Here is the link to the Brett Lee video. I didn't post it yesterday as I assumed that most people at hoem would have seen it already.

Here is another link that Sara sent me a while ago. It's about as Aussie as it gets. My favourite part is the sausage ribbon. I sure do miss my Aussie lamb, although Michael's Aunty Kaye made us an awesome lamb roast while we were there last week.

Hope everyone has had a great Australia Day. I'm off to an Aussie Mum's and Bub's afternoon tea, but that's about it for me.

Thanks for all the comments on my projects. More coming really soon.

Here's something I copied from Jess:
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

A couple of clips for you

Here is the link to the Brett Lee video. I didn't post it yesterday as I assumed that most people at hoem would have seen it already.

Here is another link that Sara sent me a while ago. It's about as Aussie as it gets. My favourite part is the sausage ribbon. I sure do miss my Aussie lamb, although Michael's Aunty Kaye made us an awesome lamb roast while we were there last week.

Hope everyone has had a great Australia Day. I'm off to an Aussie Mum's and Bub's afternoon tea, but that's about it for me.

Thanks for all the comments on my projects.

Wednesday, January 24

Brutally cold....

That is NOT something that you want to hear the weather man saying, but he did indeed. It has been really late in coming, but the snow is on it's way and will apparently be the coldest in 2 years. We knew it would come. I am looking forward to getting some snow photos though.

We got emailed a link today to the Brett Lee videoclip. I'm sure most of you saw it in Australia. I must say I am very confised and just a little bit disturbed by it all.

I have been scrapping away, but most of it is for 2croppincousins for our forst DT kit, so I can't show it just yet. Check out the gallery on the 1st of Feb though. I'm a bit of a sucker for ounishment and I have joined another online comp. I think that with running Reality Scraps I'd liek to have something that I can compete in as well. Here are a couple of things I have done already.

The cup was an immunity type challenge that I won, so I am already through to the next round.

Reality Scraps is underway. Everyone really seems to be excited about it. We have 42 people at lalst count. It is going to be really tough dropping it down to 20, but a competition is it, so it must be dine. I can't wait for everyone to start uploading their first challenge to the gallery.

Sunday, January 21

I'm back.

Hi everyone. Sorry for being so quiet. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.

The trip went well. The service was good. Michael did a speech on behalf of the grandkids. I missed it though, ans the euology, as I took Kyan outside for a bit when he was being noisy and talking to the people in the seats. I think that everyone was really pleased with the job Michael did. His cousins certainly were. There were over 300 poeple there which was quite incredible.

Apart from that, it was a good chance to see all of Michael's family in one go. Kyan loved playing with his cousins, and quite enjoyed the atention that he got from everyone. It was especially good for them both to spend some time with Michael's Nan.

We didn't get to fly through Brisbane unfortunately so Mum flew to Sydney for the day to see Kyan on our stopover to Tassie. Our friends Shaun and Lesleigh also surprised us at the airport which was lovely.

We took the opportunity to have as much Aussie food as possible. Mum even brought us Big Dad's pies from Brisbane. They were yum, although I burnt my arm heating them up.
We also did a grocery shop at Woolies and crammed as much food as we could in our suitcase. Here is justa sample.

When we got home it was snowing. We took a couple of pics but they didn't really turn out. It just looked like rain.

We took Kyan to the G'day USA concert yesterday. It had Terri and Bindi, which was fun. Kyan was there to see the Wiggles though. He loves them. He seemed to have a good time at the concert. He was sad to see Dorothy go though. She is his favourite.

I have lots of projects on the go at the moment. I got my first kit for 2 Croppin cousins yesterday so I am working my way through that at the moment. We have a cyber crop happening there on the 17th of Feb. There will be lots of games, challenges and of course prizes, so I hope to see you there.

Reality Scrap starts right now. The qualifying challenge has been posted. It's not too late to sign up though. Sign up's close on the 1st of Feb. The sooner you sign up though, the more time you will have to do the challenge.

I am slowly getting through everyone's blogs. Please forgive me if I haven't commented on your for a little while. It is taking me a while to catch up.

Friday, January 12

Away for a few days

Michael's grandfather died yesterday afternoon, so we are flying home tonight for a few days. I'm taking the laptop, but I'm not sure what access I'll have.

We should be back on Friday sometime. For those of you booked into my online class on Friday, it will still go ahead. Depending on my flight times, it may be Sara teaching instead of me, but you wont miss out.

Talk to you all soon.

Monday, January 8

Very busy for someone not working.

There are so many things going on at the moment.

We have had a great response to Reality Scrap so far. Thanks everyone for your support. It's going to be a lot of fun.

My first two design team layouts are up at 2 Croppincousinz. They are for the weekly challenges. Pop over and have a look and maybe join up.

The round one is a Becky Fleck sketch.

Scrappy Giraffe Kits are having a cyber crop on the 17th. Should be lots of fun. I hope to see you there. Would love to have some fellow Aussie's to help me teach them how to speak Australian.

We took Kyan to a train show at the New York Botanical Gardens on the weekend. He loved it of course. It included a stack of scale model buildings of New York. The cool part is that they are made entirely from plant material.

michael got a new L lens last week, so the weekend was also a good opportunity to test it out. It looks like he got some great shots.

Sunday, January 7

The Big Announcement.

After literally months of planning, Sara and I have finally been able to announce what we have been up to over at Scrapbook City.

We are running a huge competition called "Reality SCrap" based ona bunch of TV shows. The winner gets to join us on the Design Team for a while. It's very exciting. I must admit, it's a bit of a relief to finally have it all out in the open. The suspense was getting to us too.

We'l love to see lots of people coming over to sign up. All the details are on the website at scrapbookcity

Also, don't forget about my online class. I have now added an option, to suit anyone who can't make the time slot. You have the option to purchase the class to complete in your own time. You have access to me vis email to help with any of the questions that may have been answered in the class.

Thursday, January 4

January online class at Scrapbook City

I am doing the first online class at Scrapbook City for the year. Here are the details. Hope you'll all come over and join in.

I am pleased to announce our first online class for 2007.

In this class you will create this amazing exploding box based on a family theme. This cute and clever little display can showcase up to 20 of your precious family photos and memories, as it "explodes" when you pull off the lid.

You will use the gorgeous new Claire De Lune papers from Fancy Pants.

In this class you will learn to handcut and layer your accents from the patterned paper for a flawless co-ordinated look.

The skill level for this project is easy to intermediate. That's right! You'll end up with a spectacular project that is in fact quite easy to construct.

These are a huge thing in the states right now. Register now for the chance to learn how to make these for yourself.

The details:

Time: 10:30 am Friday the 19th of January.
Cost: $15

* If this first class fills up, a second class will be offered in a night time slot.

* Class materials will be available for purchase. You will have the option to purchase individual items from the list, or you can purchase the whole lot and be entitled to a discount. Keep in mind that it might be best to register early so that you have time for the materials to be posted to you should you choose to purchase them.

* Once you have registered, and payment is received you will be emailed a full materials list along with additional information for the class.

Wednesday, January 3

News revealed.

Here is my news:

Thanks everyone for being so interested in what's going on all the way over here.

Tuesday, January 2

A New Year

Well we are settling into the new year. Michael went back to work today, so we are getting back into our normal routine.

There are quite a few new things in store this year for us/me.

* I will soon take up my position with Kat and the girls at Scrappy Giraffe Kits. I really like hanging out with these girls.

* I have managed ( with the help of Molly) to get myself a seat at the next Scrap Dream Vacation. It is a ginormous retreat here in the States with hundreds of people. It sounds awesome. I'm very lucky to have gotten my spot. I'm looking forward to it.

* Any of you who are customers at Scrapbook City will have gotten a cryptic little email yesterday. I'm not giving away any extra clues just yet, but there are lots of big and great things happening there this year, and let's just say that we are going to be kicking it off in a very big way. If you haven't already, head over to the website and check out the speculation. The more the merrier. If you are not already a forum user, then this is the perfect time to join in.

* I have another class opening up very soon. I'm just waiting on an email with some info, then I'll be able to open registration. It is a beyond the page project this time. Very cool project too.

* I have some other very exciting news too, but I can't spill until tomorrow.

I'm in a scrapping mood after I did a bit of a clean up today, so I might go and see what I come up with so I can have something to show you tomorrow.