Sunday, January 7

The Big Announcement.

After literally months of planning, Sara and I have finally been able to announce what we have been up to over at Scrapbook City.

We are running a huge competition called "Reality SCrap" based ona bunch of TV shows. The winner gets to join us on the Design Team for a while. It's very exciting. I must admit, it's a bit of a relief to finally have it all out in the open. The suspense was getting to us too.

We'l love to see lots of people coming over to sign up. All the details are on the website at scrapbookcity

Also, don't forget about my online class. I have now added an option, to suit anyone who can't make the time slot. You have the option to purchase the class to complete in your own time. You have access to me vis email to help with any of the questions that may have been answered in the class.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Finally, it's out!!

I quizzed Sara on Friday night, but she was giving nothing away!

Already signed up and ready to go! :-)

Chelle Xx

Brendy xx said...

Cant wait to get started, should be fun!
Well done on all the planning looks like you and Sara have put alot of work into organising this..
Good Luck with everything!

Gaspegirl said...

Sounds like fun!

Leah's Crafty Life said...

Sounds like you have been very busy Leish! Have fun with it all ;) Oh yeah.. your exploding box looks great!

Unknown said...

Woohoo, the wait was killing us! Now we know your little secret!

Leisa said...

Alicia, guess what, its finally me, I have been here lots of time, but just could never sign on. Anyway I just love your clocks, I will look regulary, as I am never really sure what the time is for you. And I course I will look to see the pictures of beautiful Kyan, and you of course.

Carla said...

Sounds like it's going to be a fun contest at Scrapbook City!!