Saturday, July 29

Great crop last night.

Last night was lots of fun as always, although it was really sad that Jill didn't make it. I was looking forward to seeing her. Abi also didn't make it but we are not sure of the story there yet. It was excellent to scrap with Ang. I've really missed it. We used to scrap together all the time before I went back to work. My friend Tammie from work came along. It was great having her there, and I think she enjoyed trying out some new stuff.

I got a few layouts done which was great for a change. I got the August customer challenge sample done for Scrapbook City. Here it is:

It's only $10 for the kit then you can submit it if you want.

I also did my monthly DT LO using the new Rhapsody papers from 3 bugs. They are such nice papers. The flower down the bottom opens up with journalling. I tried out one of the new Basic Grey magnetic snaps. I was quite impressed with them. I think I'll be using them again.
***Blogger wont let me upload this. I'll try again tomorrow***

I also worked on a LO of the lovely Manda. I finished it this morning. Thanks again Ang for the flower, and to Sara for the papers. I haven't put it on the computer yet, so I'll save that one for tomorrow.

I feel like I have wasted most of today. There are so many things that need to be done, but I'm having trouble getting started. The main problem is that I don't have any boxes yet. I'm keen to start packing away the things that are going to be stored, but I have nothing to put them into. I feel like I am just moving things around from one place to another.

The gorgeous young Nicholas Pearcy is 2 today, so lots of big birthday hugs from us.

I should get back to it I suppose, before I feel I've lost the whole weekend. We are heading out to the park at Wynnum tomorrow so that will probably take up most of the day.

Thursday, July 27

Here I am.

Sorry, I didn't realise how long it had been since I posted, so here's a very quick one. I am off to Scrapbook City tonight for a bit of scrapping. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially Ang who I haven't really seen in ages, and Jilly, who I'll finally get to spend some time with. Of course Sara will be there (can't have one of us without the other). My friend Tammie is coming from work so that should be fun too.

Stay tuned to the Scrapbook City website. I feel some exciting news coming really soon.

It has been puring with rain today so the kids have been in the classroom all day and I have a horrible headache. I hope it's gone by tonight.

Things for New York are ticking along nicely. We've had all sorts of people contacting us to organise things. The best part is there is a company contracted by Michael's work who will oversee everything for us, even down to getting us picked up at the airport. It's such a huge help knowing we have someone to help us who knows what they are doing.

I had to start disassembling my scrap room this week as it is the only room where we can pack things away where Kyan can;t reach them. It's been very sad, but kind of inspiring as I'm finding things I want to try to use up before we go to make room for new things.

So much for the short post. I need to go and print some photos for tonight. I should have some lo's to show tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, July 22

Layout for Zane.

I just finished this layout this morning of the beautiful Ms Zane. I've had this photo for a while now, but hadn't any ideas on how to scrap it. Sara gave me some of these new junkitz papers that I thought suited Zane perfectly. SO Zane, the orange and pink are especially for you. I also added buttons for the time you cut one off the jacket you were wearing to finish your layout. (Sara please note that I also completed your challenge and even excedded the 3 eyelet stipulation lol.)
I'm uploading this to the scrap pile for the monthly challenge of using white as the background.

Thanks to everyone who left comments about the move. Thanks for the offer of the trailer Leisa. I'll let you know. Donlt worry, you wont stop me blogging and chatting and hopefully the Scrapbook City forum will be up really soon, so I'll have a home again. I'm really keen to start packing but I know it's too early. We do need to sit down and start getting organised though. I think we've figured out where most of the furniture will go. I think the lounge suite and friedge are the only big things that will need to be dtored which will be good. I think I've figured out that I will have 7 weeks of school left, which means I'll have to make sure that everything is up to date. Lucky for me I wont have to do end of year reports, although all the info will be there for my replacement so it shoudn't be that big a drama for them.

So much to do, but for now there's still washing to take care of.

Start spreading the news!!!!!

It's here. The email is finally here. We are off to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael's start date is October 2nd. We'll go a few weeks ahead of that, which means it's really not that far away. Michael is very happy with the package they have offered which is a relief. Now it's time to start making lists and getting organised. I'm very excited, and so looking forward to a white Christmas.

O.K. back to our normal life for now. The musical today was good, and it was great to see my friens Anthony again. There are some seriously talented teenages out there. Some of the singing today was really great...and they were the understudies.

Finally a very happy anniversary to my dear friend Sara and her lovely husband John. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I'm too excited to sit here for too long, so I'll be off.

Thursday, July 20

So over it!

Maybe I'm not the most patient person, but a whole week of waiting has really gotten to me today. If they weren't going to send the email on Friday, then they shouldn't have said Friday. It may not be so important to them, but this is our life that is about to change.

Not much else going on at the moment, but a pretty full weekend ahead. My sister is in town tonight so we are off the the Breaky Creek for dinner. Yum! Tomorrow a friend of mine has a school musical that he is directing, so we are off to support him. Oh, I guess the weekend isn;t that full after all. I really would like to scrap. I've done very little lately, so here's my to do list:
* July challenge for the scrap pile
* 2 dare challenges
* a couple of lo's for submissions.

I should get my new bumblebee kit next week, so I'll have some more to do for next week. Of course, I wont get to do all of that, but having a list helps me get started.

What is everyone else planning for the weekend???

I promised I'd share a layout, so here t'is. It's of my beautiful puppy Holly, when she came to visit.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

The email has STILL not arrived. I am so tired from waiting. I want to go NOW!

Nothing much else happening. I did do a layout last night and finished it this afternoon. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I've decided I should start trying to use up my stash so I don't have to take so much to NY. It's all cheaper there, not to mention newer, so while I'm not vowing to do the 20 layout challenge, I am going to try to think of new ways to use up some of my older stuff.

I heard that Ngaire's fundraiser was a big success, so well done to her.

I can't think of anything else to write. What a boring post!

Monday, July 17


I've been tagged by the lovely Amanda, so here goes:
Four Jobs I’ve Had :
1) Shop assistantl
2) Checkout chick
3) Teacher
4) Mother

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over :
1) Centre Stage
2) Grease
3) Sound of Music
4) Go

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch :
1) Will and Grace
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) Scrubs

Four Important things to me :
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Scrapping
4) Chocolate

Four Tunes That Play In My Head :
1) Magic-Livia Newton John
2) Voodoo Child-Rouge Traders
3) Anything Kylie
4) Anything 80's

Favorite Food Dishes :
1) Roast Dinners
2) Steak with garlic prawns
3) Chocolate
4) Homemade pasta

Four Websites I Visit Daily :
1) Email
2) Blogs
3) Blogs
4) Blogs

Four Scrap company's I like :
1) Bumblebee
2) Fancy Pants
3) Maya Rd
4) Chatterbox

Four Favorite Colours :
1) Purple
2) Pink
3) Brown
4) Green

Four bloggers to tag:
1) Julie L
2) Peta
3) Shirlz
4) Leone

Sunday, July 16

Still no news.

After a week of waiting for the end of the week to come like we had been told, still no email with the contract. It's extremely frustrating. It will probably be Tuesday now, becuase of the time difference.

It's been a busy weekend, although I have nothing to show for it. We took Kyan to the railways museum yesterday. He seemed to like it.

Last night we had the christening. It was interesting to watch Kyan back at the house afterwards. All the kids were in the study watching a movie. Kyan started there, but then remembered where the train set was, and was off. He played all by himself for ages. He was one of the youngest there. It was a bit sad to see him playing all alone. I don't know if that is just his age, or if he'll just be a bit of a loner. He's quite independent and can amuse himself here for ages, which is great. I just hope that he develops good social skills too. There was a very funny moment. At one stage he made his way back to the T.V. room. Michael walked in and found him sitting on the floor with an entire bowl of lollies just eating tham all one by one. I don't know how he didn;t pass out from a sugar overdose. Needless to say, he wont be having any more lollies for a little while. He was very cute. Stupid me didn't take a photo!!! I somehow predict I'll get another opportunity another day.

Today Kyan and I went off to watch Michael's karate lesson. They had a Xmas in July thing with a BBQ. Problem is that I didn't actually get to watch any of the lesson, because I was chasing Kyan all over the place. After that we headed off to M's brothers' for lunch and a game of Monopoly. I alsmost won.

Now I have a mountain of washing to do and get ready for work tomorrow. I think we all need 3 day weekends.

Friday, July 14

Finally some ohotos.

Sara came over last night which was lots of fun. We've scrapped together a few times lately, but always in a group, so it was really nice to have just the two of us. I'm going to miss that when we go O/S.

I got a few things done. I worked on my red rooster scrapping cup. I don't feel like it is finished yet. The probelm is that it can't have much bulk. I think it will be something that I add to over time.

I worked on a couple of layouts just for me for a change. I've had the photos for ages. The secrets one was taken in New Zealand at Easter time. I'm not all that sure that I'm happy with it. I had to change things a little after a "rubon incident".

I'm quite happy with the other one. I'd like to add some more jewels to the flowers but I don't have any left at the moment. The butterfly was from a bunch of flowers that Michael gave me a while ago. Sara took the photo.

I'm waiting for Michael to wake up so we can check his email. We are expecting one from the states with the job offer. I suddenly feel an urge to vacuum (sp?) the bedroom really loudly. Fingers crossed.

Sara showed me her latest SC last night. I have a layout in the little book extra this month. Not a huge fan of the layout, but love to see it in there. It's in the back of the mag too.

Off to make some noise.

Thursday, July 13

Sorry, no photos.

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I have scrapped. Must be some kind of record. Luckily Sara is coming over to night to help me break the drought. Even more strange, is that I don't have anything due at the moment.

The non scrapping means that I don't have any photos to show, but stick with me and I should have some by tomorrow.

Jenny has been up from Sydney this week, so it has been fun catching up with her a couple of times.

Kyan comes home tonight after spending most of the week with Mum due to him being sick and not being able to go to daycare. Amazingly the place is still clean from Monday. I predict it will take him about 30 seconds to start making a mess again.

We are off to a christening tomorrow night, so that should be fun. We are also planning to take Kyan to the Railway Museum at Ipswich this weekend. We tried last weekend but he was in a cranky mood, and we didn't have closed in shoes that you apparently need but they failed to mention on the website.

The Scrapbook City forum and gallery should be aup really, really soon. I've seen the front page, so I know progress is being made slowly. Poor Leisa has been very frustrated by all the delays. (not her fault).

Better go clean up before Sara comes and Kyan gets home.

Tuesday, July 11

Funny, funny girl.

Oh dear, Sara makes me laugh. If you've seen her blog today, you will have read her confession. You gotta be careful who you give your passwrod out to these days lol. It's all true though, Sara is the best. I'm often sitting on my computer laughing to myself when I read emails from her. I wasn't going to dob you in for the spelling though.

Nothing much else to report at the moment. I haven't done any scrapping for 3 days. Can you tell I am back at work? I already have a sore throat. Poor Kyan has been quite sick. He has yet another chest infection, with more antibiotics. he seems much better today than yesterday. he didn;t even respond when I came home yesterday afternoon. He was all smiles for Grandma this morning.

Back to I guess. Thanks Sara again fro making me smile and laugh all the time and being such a wonderful friend. (and for fixing my blog for me, I have title bar now)

Saturday, July 8

Just thinking....

I just thought I'd let you all know that I think Sara is the nicest, kindest, most wonderful person in the world - even though she can't spell.

Saturday Night

I went to a crop at Mum's tonight. It was nice to see everyone, especially Jenny from Sydney. I took Kyan with me, but he was a bit unsettled so I brought him home to his own bed. Naturally he went straight to sleep. I got nothing much at all done, but I did finish a layout when I got home. Isn;t it funny. I started this layout months and months ago, and even tonight just stared at it really, then came home and just did it in about 10 minutes.

I have managed to finish a couple of layout for a cybercrop I did at top 50 scrapbooking last night. I really like one of them, but the other is a bit ordinary. I'll show the one I like.

Sara has done 97 layouts this year. I decided to have a look at mine, and I think I am up to 79, plus 22 BTP items.

I need some help please. I can;t figure out how to add a title to my posts. Also, Sara can you please help me put a counter on my blog. I'm curious to know how many visitors I have.

Well it's far too late to be up on the computer, so I am off to bed.

Tuesday, July 4

Busy Day

I can't believe today is almost over, it's gone by really fast and I don't feel like I've done much. It started out with me getting up and driving home after spending the night at my friend's house. A bunch of us from work got together for a dvd pyjama party. It was a lot of fun. We also played Taboo, which I did surprisingly well at... I even managed to answer questions for the other team-oops!

After a nice long sleep in Kyan and I got ready and headed intot eh city to meet Michael for lunch. We usually try to do that at least once every holidays. I also took my engagement ring to the jewellers. I have lost one of the littel diamonds out of it, so I have to get a quote on getting it replaced. Kyan quite liked going in on the train, although it was a little crowded on the way home.

I'm trying to get him to have a little nap now, but judging by the sounds of lego coming from his room, I don't think that's going to happen.Oh well, a little bit og quiet play time is good too.

Apparently the new SM is out including one of my layouts. It's called Kyan at 1. I can't find it on my hard drive at the moment to show you. I'm quite relieved to see it actually. When the contract came, I quickly got it all organised and ready to post. I gave it to Michael to post on his way to work. About 2 weeks later on the plane on the way to New Zealand he found it in his laptop bag. Needless to say I was not impressed. I had to wait another week to get home before I could post it. I figured it was probably too late and I had missed out, so I am quite glad to hear that it is in there. Thanks Julie, for mentioning it in your review.

On the New York front, Michael had heard that he will be getting an offer on the next couple of weeks, so maybe now things will finally start to get organised, just in time for the freezing NY weather. Oh well, I am looking forward to going ice skating in Central Park.

Back to it I guess. Sorry for the long post, especially since there are no photos.

Sunday, July 2

A Layout

Just a quick one today to share a layout that I started on Saturday night at the crop, but only finished last night. I decided to do something completely different with this one. It's certainly different. I think it turned out OK though.

I finally finished my masters entry today. Now I just have to photograph it.

Better go and pick up Kyan from daycare.

Crop at Scrapbook City

I went off to a crop at Scrapbook City last night with Sara, Amanda, Zane, Sara, Gaye, Dianne, Kelllie and Michelle. It was lots of fun as always even though I barely did anything at all. Here's one layout that I did finish though. I was all inspited after finishing Karen;s class so I decided to try some doodling of my own.The photo doesn't really show it, but the large flower is raised on chipboard and is hinged with ribbon to hide the journalling. The photo is of my sister by the way, not me.

I'm very excited to introduce Zane to the land of blogging now. Zane is such a fun person to be around. I'm looking forward to reading her blog.

We headed out to Queen's Park at Ipswich for a picnic today. Kyan loved the big slides they have (well big, for a little person). He did such a good job of waiting for his turn. I was very disappointing though to see so many other kids with such bad manners, especially big kids who would push in front of the little ones. I was also very annoyed to see someone smoking in the playground. Do people just not think about how gross that is around children, not to mention that it is now illegal.

I have another layout almost finished so I might go and get it done, because I absolutely must concentrate on finishing my masters this week. I'm almost there.