Thursday, July 27

Here I am.

Sorry, I didn't realise how long it had been since I posted, so here's a very quick one. I am off to Scrapbook City tonight for a bit of scrapping. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially Ang who I haven't really seen in ages, and Jilly, who I'll finally get to spend some time with. Of course Sara will be there (can't have one of us without the other). My friend Tammie is coming from work so that should be fun too.

Stay tuned to the Scrapbook City website. I feel some exciting news coming really soon.

It has been puring with rain today so the kids have been in the classroom all day and I have a horrible headache. I hope it's gone by tonight.

Things for New York are ticking along nicely. We've had all sorts of people contacting us to organise things. The best part is there is a company contracted by Michael's work who will oversee everything for us, even down to getting us picked up at the airport. It's such a huge help knowing we have someone to help us who knows what they are doing.

I had to start disassembling my scrap room this week as it is the only room where we can pack things away where Kyan can;t reach them. It's been very sad, but kind of inspiring as I'm finding things I want to try to use up before we go to make room for new things.

So much for the short post. I need to go and print some photos for tonight. I should have some lo's to show tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Sara Pearcy said...

Yay - I'd almost given up checking here for an update (just kidding)! See you soon.
xx S.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog! I hope you have a good time scrapping tonight. One of these days I will make it there as well. When I work on Fridays though you don't feel like driving over again!!

scrapadel said...

Hope the packing goes well. its great that they are helping you out a lot.

Anonymous said...

have fun at scrapbook city:)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Hope you have a good time scrapping tonight! Don't have many left now...seeing the packing has begun already!

Chelle xx

Jo said...

It's nice to see that Michaels company is thinking of the "little things" How sad for you to have to disassemble the scrapping room first. As you say, you'll have heaps of inspiration along the way. I have only just met you, but I will miss you when you are gone.

Jeepie said...

Oh, i will be checking out Scrapbook Citys website for the exciting change.

I will have to come across one night and attend a scrap night with you before you go.

The trailer is still on offer.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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