Saturday, April 28

Tagged, Tagged, and Tagged.

I've been tagged three times, by three people, with the same tag. The idea is to post 7 random facts about myself, and then to tag 7 people bu commenting on their blog.

I am not inreresting enough for 21 random facts, so I'm going to cheat and just do the 7. Let me apologise now, most of these will probably not be new to many of you.

1. I am currently on 4 design teams. I used to be on another, but had to give it up when we moved to America. I manage my time pretty weel, so that I can balance them all. I know it's a lot, but I love all of them and couldn't pick one to give up if I had to.

2. I used to do Irish dancing before I had Kyan, and made my own competition dress from scratch, which is all appliqued with butterflies.

3. I like to watch the show Reba. Kyan now names all the characters when the show comes on.

4. My other two favourite shows are Grey's Anatomy and Will and Grace. I know most of the episodes by heart, and can pick the ep from the first minute of the show.

5. I went to the Australian Catholic University, even though I am not catholic.

6. I don;t really like vegetables all that much. I have only really started eating them as an adult, and I can only eat them if I mix it with potato.

7. I didn;t get my driver's licence until I was 21.

Phew... now I tag....Sara, Jess, Kat, Tam, Ang, Julie, and Leone.

Thanks to Sara and Chelle for signing up at 2CC. Much appreciated. I hope you will have a chance to join in some challenges. I have a bit of competition from Renee (fellow DT) at the moment, so I need lots more people to go and sign up for me. Don't forget, if you then refer people you get points too.

The guest designer challenge will close soon. There are not all that many entries yet, so the odds are really good. Great way to get a free kit, and they are really lovely kits too.

I have some work to show, but I am not on my own computer, so I'll add those later.

Wednesday, April 25

Who would like to win $50 in scrap products.

2croppin cousinz are running a referral contest at the moment. All you have to do in join up to the forum, and make a post int he introduction thread. Don't forget to tell them that I sent you, that way we both get the points towards winning the prize.

In you then join in some of the great challenges we have going, you can earn even more points. That includes my page plans. Now it would be a bit embarressing, if I couldn't convince any of my friends to do my own challenges, so please go check it out. It's a great place, and "The Cousinz" are really really nice. Please come over and suuport us.

Here's the link to the info

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 10

A very quick update.

First up I need to say Happy Birthday to Michael. It'e been nice that we are able to be home for his birthday.

We arrived here safelt on Sunday. The weather is perfect. We have already had a fair few of our favourite foods, including big pies for lunch today. Kyan is loving being able to get out and run in the yard all the time.

We have photos, but I have to find out how to upload them on this computer. Will be back to post them soon.

Wednesday, April 4

We have a climber.

Just a quick psot to share this photo of Kyan. I could him him being a bit whingy in his room, and walked in to find that he had climbed on top of his toybox and onto his drawers to reach something on top, only he got stcuk and couldn't get down again.

Sunday, April 1

News revealed.

A little while ago I came across a messageboard called I am a scrapaholic, that Ang also belonged to. I hung around for a bit and joined in the marathon challenge they were having. Lynn, the owner apparently liked my work because she has asked me to become a permanent member of her design team. This is the first time I have been offered a DT spot without actually applying for it. It's all very exciting. There are some awesome designers there that I get to work with, including Kimber McGray who has just become a CK Hall of Famer.

Here's the site:
Check back soon. I'll be uploading more to the gallery inthe next couple of days.
here are a couple of the first projects I have done for them.

Not only is that exciting news, but April is also their first anniversary for the site, so all month there are going to be heaps of games, competitions and challenges each day, inlcuding a page plan challenge by me.

Being the first of the month also means that the 2croppincousins layouts are now up in the gallery. This is one of my projects from the newsletter.

Instead of sharing all of my projects here this month, I challenge you to go here: to the gallery and have a look at the rest. Better still join up and leave me a comment.

the kit this month as you will see was all black and white and used Luxe Designs papers. At the beginning I was a bit hesitant about what I would do, but once I got started I really enjoyed the kit. The good news is that the kit went on sale this morning. The bad news, is that it is already sold out. How amazing is that. great news for Amy and Kelly though. Just goes to show that they are awesome kits.

I got an email acceptance the other day for one of my projects to go into the Paper Crafts magazine special issue. This will be my first American publication so I'm really excited about that. I posted it ont he SGK board, and within 5 minutes, Molly called me because she was so excited. I'm so glad I met Molly, she is so lovely and a great friend.

This time next week we will be back in Australia. I'm looking forward to it. Some more warm weather will be nice. It will be even better to spend a whole week with Michael. Right now he is sitting in a plane on the tarmac that will sit there for 2 hours before they take off. He'll spend yet another week in Chicago, but he'll be back on Thursday and we leave here on Friday night. Plenty to do between now and then of course.

Thanks for sticking out the long post.