Thursday, January 29

A Heartfelt Creations mini canvas.

So, some of you know that while I was at CHA recently, I participating in a mixed media canvas class. Well I went against my creative instincts in an effort to be a good co-operative student, and decided not to change something that I really knew would not work. As expected, the outcome was hideous, much so, that I did not bring it home with me.  Here it is. Yuck right. Now let me be clear, it is not the fault of the teacher or company who ran the class, it's because I didn't change out that awful black tissue paper.

I did make a promise though to try again...and I have. Well sort of. The scale is a little different, but I trusted my instincts this time, and I am so much happier with the outcome. Now I decided to go a little (OK, a lot) smaller this time, in case I might embarrass myself again. This little tiny restoration in anyone's faith in my artistic ability is only around 5 inches square. I will be sure to go a little bigger next time.

So, here is what I have come up with. Of course using Heartfelt Creations for this one, pretty much guaranteed that I would not suck at this a second time. How could I possibly go wrong with this collection. So here it Birds and Blooms mini canvas, complete with gesso, glitter paste, stenciling, painting, drywall tape, stamping, die cutting, and glitter. Wow, that's a lot of technique for one little project.

Now, I hope you will agree that this is far better. Not quite the same techniques, but a mixed media canvas none the less, just this time I stuck to my instincts and my own style.

Meanwhile, check out the rest of the designers on the blog post this week over at Heartfelt Creations, plus the full instructions for this little piece. I really love the banner that Kathy Clement has created this week. 


Tracey Fehr said...

Alicia, this is so pretty! Love the colors...very well done!

Karan Gerber said...

beautiful frame, love your details

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love "your style" and the canvas is gorgeous!!!!