Tuesday, April 29

Home for a visit.

We are back in Australia on our yearly home leave trip. I've been catching up with lots of people which has been great but tiring. I got to meet Kerryn and Trudi on Friday which was awesome. They are both so sweet and it was so nice to meet them since I have known them online for such a long time. I got to see a couple of layout in real life too. They always look different than in pictures. Both Kerryna nd Trudi do amazing work. Time to lift my game a bit I think.

I had my hight school reunion on Saturday night which was incredibly strange but a lot of fun. It was great to see my good friend Leisa and her beautiful new baby. I also got to see lots of old friends which was really nice.

Lots of people have been saying that they keep an eye on my blog. I didn't know if people were still visiting since i've been so busy and therefore slack, but it seems they are, so please leave me a comment, so I know you were here and I promise to update more often.

I have pictures, but haven't taken them off the camera yet, so I will share those soon.

Monday, April 14

Free Class

I have just opened up a brand new FREE class at http://www.mycreativeclassroom.com/ (look in the papercraft section)

There's no catch, it's completely free. It's an introduction to a full course that I am runnng in May.
It's using a template from The Crafter's Workshop.
The class is available right now and will be for about a month, so I hope to see you there.

Here's the ad for the full class.

We are off to Australia on Friday for about a month. I hoep to see as many people as I can while we are home. I have so much to do before we go though, so I better get back to it.