Thursday, December 27

Exciting Spellbinder news

This morning I woke up to emails and messages telling me that TWO of my entries have made it into the finals of the Spellbinders "Explore Beyond" competition. Now I have to send my entries off to the States for final judging. I have everything crossed, but I am trying not to get my hopes up, there is a necklace in the finals too that is particularly impressive.

So, here are the two items that made the finals.


 ...and here is my other entry that didn't make the finals, but I still really like it.

Wednesday, December 19

A bit pretty

Here's another one I made for the ManorHouse Creations blog. We got free reign this month to do what we like, and this is what I came up with.

MHC Products used:  Fantasy – moonlight, Rue - white, Mayglo - pink, Celeste - white, Mayglo -green, glitter mini roses - pink, Springtime - white, leaves.

Thursday, December 13

Some ManorHouse shares.

I have a couple of new things up on the ManorHouse Creations blog at the moment.  This first one is a little Christmas banner that I have sitting on my buffet with all our Christmas cards. It was really easy to make, but makes a lovely little handmade decoration.

 Next, we were asked to do something with lots of colour. I went straight for the bright yellow large flower as it felt very tropical so it was perfect for a photo from our recent trip to Mexico. I tried to then add lots of colour, but within a tropical scheme. I added a little white, just to bring it all together.

I have some DownUnder projects to share too. I have one day of school left, then I can start to tick a few things off my long list. (after a very big sleep of course).