Monday, September 28

Kaisercraft blog party

Kaisercraft Q2 Collection Blog Party
6pm, 30th September 2009 (AEST)

Visit the Kaisercrafties blog to win prizes, get a sneak peek into the Kaisercraft Magazine, inside gossip from Kaisercraft product development about *NEW* products, giveaways plus a HUGE $440 Q2 Collection prize up for grabs, a live chat with the KC Design Team and more!!

Sunday, September 27

Clever Kyan and cute Cameron

Kyan was very lucky enough to get a new bike for this birthday from his grandparents. Michael took the training wheels off after only a few days since he has been using his balance bike for so long to get ready, and so on the second day, Kyan is able to ride a "big boy" bike all by himself. He is very proud of himself.

And not to be outdone by his brother, here is Cameron doing what he does best... just being cute.

Wednesday, September 23

Photography and photoshopping

I've been neglecting my macro lens lately, so took a few shots yesterday and have been playing with them a bit in photoshop. Feedback welcome.