Saturday, April 29

Sara complained last night that I haven't given her anyhting new to read so this is for you.
Last night was fun, we went to Deb's for a crop. I'm finding it difficult to crop away from home at the moment, because I never seem to have the things I need to finish a project.
I started a baby journal for my sister last night. I've finished the cover now, and I've started the pages inside. I'll send it to her this week, then send her more pages throughout the pregnancy.
I have painted my canvases for the CC this weekend, but that's as far as I have gotten. I don't feel very motivated, but I do want to get it done.
I finally got through our NZ photos today, so I'm off to print them out tomorrow.
I got my DT kit from Bumblebee yesterday, with some really nice stuff, so I am keen to get a few layouts done. I also picked up some supplies from Scrapbook City today to design a layout for the retreat which is coming up quite soon.
Meanwhile, I should go and so some scrapping so I actually have something to show.

Wednesday, April 19

The kids were back to school today. I guess it wasn't too bad. At least it is only 2 more days till the weekend. The craft show is on this weekend. I'm working on Sunday for kerri and Leisa, so that should be fun.

I finished off some layouts for Bumblebee today, so that's one less thing on the list of stuff to finish.

I have almost finished my a-z. I just have one LO to finish off properly. The title page is almost there, and the cover just needs a little bit of work. I also need to do the product page. I also have stuff dor Indro I have to finish.Looks like a busy night ahead.

Here is my U page. It is one of my favourites from the whole album. I quite like my G for giggle page too. I love the photo.

Better get to it.

Monday, April 17

Hi. We are back from holidays. We spent a week in Chrsitchurch in New Zealand. It was really nice. We did very little of anything. It was a good chance to have some time with just the three of us relaxing. Kyan was a perfect angel on the plane, which was a huge relief. He loved looking out the window. We stayed in a unit which turned out to be right near the airport, so every time a plane took off, Kyan ran to us wanting to be picked up to go out and see the plane. Talk about obsessed.

Did some scrapping while we were away while Kyan was sleeping. I have almost finished my a-z...finally. Just a few finishing touches to go. I have a stack of stuff due this week, so I really need to get stuck into it.

Our first lot of stuff for the Bumblebee design team is in the current Scrapbooking Memories. It's very exciting to finally see it.

Here is my beautiful boy:

Here are a couple more a-z layouts and my cc layout for the weekend. I really like this photo of Sara and I.

Tuesday, April 4

I had quite an interesting day at work today. I can't go into specifics because of privacy but basically a problem has been solved but not in quite the way or timeframe I was hoping for. The result was the same, but it's left me with mixed feelings about the whole process.

Kyan had an excursion at daycare yesterday, to the carpark to see a fire engine. Apparently he loved it, especially the lights. Unfortunately I couldn;t go (and take photos) because I was at work. Even worse is that I work right next door, and could hear the sirens but couldn't go.

Anyway, he was exhausted as he usually is after day care and I had to put him down for a nap at 4:30, and he didn't wake until 9:00. Michael was at work late, so I did what any self respecting scrapper would do, and did another layout for my a-z. Here t'is:

I'm quite happy with this one. It is one of my favourites, although I don;t feel tlike the album overall ios up to scratch. Boy pages are tricky at the best of times, but 26 of them all matching but different is pretty tough. Girl pages are so much easier.

Anyway, I've got a beautiful baby on my lap who smells a bit sus, so I better go change him into a clean baby.

Sunday, April 2

I've had a very scrappy day today, and loved it. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my a-z. I got another 2 layouts finished today and another handful on the way.
Here's my R page:

I also got in and did the cyber challenge for SAM even though I thought I wouldn't and look Sara I've used that Creamsicle ribbon yet again. (lol)

Hmm, what else, I finished a layout and a BTP for Indro but I haven't taken photos yet. I did a layout for Bumblebee last night too, but I can't show that one yet.
Melissa (my sister) was here last night, but we didn't get many photos. There might be one of her and Kyan that is scrappable, I'll have to have another look.
One more week until we fly off to New Zealand. Michael even offered for me to do some scrapping while we are away since it's a relaxing kind of holiday. I'm looking forward to having a look at the scrapping shops in Christchurch. I like looking for new things.

Big welcome hugs to Roz and Ang, who are now on my sidebar.

It's getting late and I have work tomorrow, so as much as I'll like to continue my scrapping roll, I'd better head off to bed. Have a good week.