Tuesday, April 4

I had quite an interesting day at work today. I can't go into specifics because of privacy but basically a problem has been solved but not in quite the way or timeframe I was hoping for. The result was the same, but it's left me with mixed feelings about the whole process.

Kyan had an excursion at daycare yesterday, to the carpark to see a fire engine. Apparently he loved it, especially the lights. Unfortunately I couldn;t go (and take photos) because I was at work. Even worse is that I work right next door, and could hear the sirens but couldn't go.

Anyway, he was exhausted as he usually is after day care and I had to put him down for a nap at 4:30, and he didn't wake until 9:00. Michael was at work late, so I did what any self respecting scrapper would do, and did another layout for my a-z. Here t'is:

I'm quite happy with this one. It is one of my favourites, although I don;t feel tlike the album overall ios up to scratch. Boy pages are tricky at the best of times, but 26 of them all matching but different is pretty tough. Girl pages are so much easier.

Anyway, I've got a beautiful baby on my lap who smells a bit sus, so I better go change him into a clean baby.


Shirls said...

I do agree girls pages are so much easier and there seems to be more embellishments and pp to cater for girls' pages. I had to do a boy page for a swap once and it was so hard for me.lol.

Sara Pearcy said...

Good to hear your problem is solved - not surprised to hear it was solved differently to how you would have tackled it!

Mia gets to visit the Fire Station (next to her preschool) later in the year. Such a cute idea. Sorry you missed a photo op with Kyan though.

Scrapmanda said...

Leisha - thanks for checking out my (new) blog - will add yours to mine as well if you like??? Would love to see your and Sara's A-Z before they are posted!!! I'm sure they'll both be spectular :)

Julie LOVE said...

LOVE the layout..so much to look at :0)