Monday, April 17

Hi. We are back from holidays. We spent a week in Chrsitchurch in New Zealand. It was really nice. We did very little of anything. It was a good chance to have some time with just the three of us relaxing. Kyan was a perfect angel on the plane, which was a huge relief. He loved looking out the window. We stayed in a unit which turned out to be right near the airport, so every time a plane took off, Kyan ran to us wanting to be picked up to go out and see the plane. Talk about obsessed.

Did some scrapping while we were away while Kyan was sleeping. I have almost finished my a-z...finally. Just a few finishing touches to go. I have a stack of stuff due this week, so I really need to get stuck into it.

Our first lot of stuff for the Bumblebee design team is in the current Scrapbooking Memories. It's very exciting to finally see it.

Here is my beautiful boy:

Here are a couple more a-z layouts and my cc layout for the weekend. I really like this photo of Sara and I.


Shirls said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday in NZ:) Any good scrap shops there? SM came in the mail today. First thing I looked for was the BBC ad.LOL. DOes yours have a bad yellow shadow on a couple of pages of the mag including the ad? SC ad is out too. Love what you did for the watch tin. Mine's at the bottom right...haha.


Sara Pearcy said...

Kyan looks so grown up in that photo! Glad to hear he was good on the plane - I had been wondering about that.

I've seen SM, but my SC hasn't arrived yet. I check out that watch tin every time I go to Bumble Bee. It is so cute!! (Plus I'm in it!! Tee hee!!)

xx S.

Julie LOVE said...

Hey you ....lucky girl having a holiday in NZ!!!! glad you had a nice time ;0)