Sunday, April 2

I've had a very scrappy day today, and loved it. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my a-z. I got another 2 layouts finished today and another handful on the way.
Here's my R page:

I also got in and did the cyber challenge for SAM even though I thought I wouldn't and look Sara I've used that Creamsicle ribbon yet again. (lol)

Hmm, what else, I finished a layout and a BTP for Indro but I haven't taken photos yet. I did a layout for Bumblebee last night too, but I can't show that one yet.
Melissa (my sister) was here last night, but we didn't get many photos. There might be one of her and Kyan that is scrappable, I'll have to have another look.
One more week until we fly off to New Zealand. Michael even offered for me to do some scrapping while we are away since it's a relaxing kind of holiday. I'm looking forward to having a look at the scrapping shops in Christchurch. I like looking for new things.

Big welcome hugs to Roz and Ang, who are now on my sidebar.

It's getting late and I have work tomorrow, so as much as I'll like to continue my scrapping roll, I'd better head off to bed. Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of how productive you are!!! And everything looks great!

Any more news on NY??

Anonymous said...

Those layouts look great, Alicia.Kyan is so cute. Christchurch is beautiful especially the town centre. Take lots of photos:)

Sara Pearcy said...

Loving these layouts.... that creamsicle is very usable, isn't it? Even though it is different in colour than we thought it was!!