Sunday, September 27

Clever Kyan and cute Cameron

Kyan was very lucky enough to get a new bike for this birthday from his grandparents. Michael took the training wheels off after only a few days since he has been using his balance bike for so long to get ready, and so on the second day, Kyan is able to ride a "big boy" bike all by himself. He is very proud of himself.

And not to be outdone by his brother, here is Cameron doing what he does best... just being cute.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Bet Kyan loves his new bike, Great photo's. Yes you are right Cameron looks very cute in that pic.


Sara Pearcy said...

Yay for Kyan!! He's so clever. ...and, yes, Cameron IS cute. :)
xx S.

Anonymous said...

Kyan looks very pleased with himself, and Cameron is beautiful. I miss them heaps.