Saturday, March 4

I feel like I've been visited by royalty. Thanks to you Julie, the lovely "Queen of BTP", for coming to visit. I've got the comments thing all figured out now, so now everyone can leave comments, even if you don;t have a blog account.

I had a great night scrapping with Sara last night. We are trying to motivate each other into finishing our A-Z albums. It seems to be working. I have 6 completed layouts now. Yay! They are in the SAM gallery.

I've had heaps of stuff to do for Indro this week, so they can take displays to the Melbourne craft show. I'm quite happy with the stuff I've done too. Here is just a couple of projects using the new SEI paper-Winnies Walls.

I am teaching my first class on Thursday night. I'm doing the abacus that I did for the masters. I'm a little bit nervous. I'm sure it will be fine though.

I got my new BB kit the other day with the new Sweetwater paper. That's the next thing I have to plan. Plus of course the SAM cyber crop I haven't even started yet.

In other news, I might finally get to move into the new classrooms on Monday. We couldn't move last week because of the rain... oh and the rooms leaked, all over the brand new carpet. The whole thing has been very frustrating, both for us teachers, as well as for the kids. Fingers crossed for Monday.

I watched some more of the new season of Grey's Anatomy the other day. It is definitely my favourite show at the moment. I'm hanging out for the next episode.

Meanwhile, I'd better get moving on that cyber crop challenge.



Willisa Hogarth said...

Mmmmmm How delish is that new Sei paper! I love the A name plate, it looks great! I'm very tempted to go to the craft show just so I can go to the Indro stall and see your stuff IRL!!!

We'll see how belly and I are going on Wednesday, but I'll definetly let you know if I go!!

Alicia said...

You should go Will. I wish I could go myself. Make sure you tell Leisa that you know me, if you do go.

Sara Pearcy said...

Hey Leish. I'm thinking of you - hope you moved into your new 'room' today and that it is all over and done with.

Love what you've done with the new SEI stuff. Good luck with your class on Thursday. Wish I could be there! See you soon.

xx S.