Thursday, May 17

Blog challenge

I'm sorry I have been so bad at updating this lately. I do have very good reasons. I'll explain that later.

This is a blog challenge from Chara:

#1 Favorite female celebrity: Debra Messing

#2 favorite male celebrity: Patrick Dempsey

#3 your dream job: Starting up my own scrap business

#4 favorite dessert: Anything chocolate.

#5 favorite scrappy company: just one???? Ummm, Fancy Pants

I'll try to be back soon with a proper update.


Leisa said...

Hi Leisha,
Just popping in to catch up with people I have lost contact with. I stoped scraping for awhile and sold all my traditional items. I am now into digi scrapbooking. Here is the link to my new blog

Got to fly.

Chara said...

Ughh I totally forgot about McDreamy!!!!!