Tuesday, June 12

1st trimester down.

Wea re 12 weeks today, which means of course, that we are now into the 2nd trimester. It is quite a relief to get this far. I thought the sickness was over and done with, but the last couple of days have been a bit dodgy. I'm still tired more than anything.

Apparently the baby should be about 5 and a half cm now.

When Michael gets home from St Louis, I'll get him to take a photo of me. I'll start doing that every couple of weeks.


AnnetteL said...

Hi Leish, it's great news that everything is still going okay for you! Bummer about the sickness and tiredness hope that passes by quickly so you can enjoy your pregnancy better. Good idea about taking regular photos make a great page or mini album! ;0) Take Care

Michelle Jamieson said...

Fabulous news, Leish!

Hope you are feeling better soon, and that you aren't as tired. I remember that! LOL :)

Chelle Xx

Sara Pearcy said...

I love getting past that 12 week stage. I feel more confident and start feeling a bit better then, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your little tummy growing!

xx S.

jody said...

i hope that you dont feel to unwell for too long,hope you feel better soon :0)

nikala o'brien said...

You must be totally thrilled Alicia. All the best for your pregnancy and I look forward to seeing some shots of your growing belly.