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Wednesday, January 16

Photos to share

I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been trying to get a few photos of the boys the last few days. I am also no good at photo shop, so you will probably see a lot of things wrong with these.

Don't forget to check out my new class from my previousl post. My Creative Classroom are holding some free classes during the launch week at the end of January. You just need to make sure you are registered on the site to participate.


Jessica said...

SUPER DUPER CUTE PHOTOS, I think they are wonderful! if you would like some photoshop help with any email me some! :)

will def. be checking out your class!! XOXOXOX

Astrostar said...

They are awesome Leisha better then what I would do! (I don't even have photoshop) :) Your boys are just so adorable. They are so scrapable.

Leone said...

They are gorgeous photos Alicia! Your boys are just adorable! Lots of pics to scrap now.

Sara Pearcy said...

Gorgeous photos Leish!!!

I love the fourth one the most, but also the last one. Kyan is so much like Michael in the last photo!

I don't think you need PS help with any of them!!
xx S.

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos. Mum

Anonymous said...

So who taught Kyan how to pull faces? Love it.

Uncle Dave

Dallas said...

I think your photos are BEAUTIFUL! you did a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos

Love to you all

Cass said...

What gorgeous boys you have. :)

Brendy said...

Gorgeous Photos! I love them, Kyan looks so grown up now... The baby is so so cute!
Cant wait to see them scrapped!
Take Care

AnnetteL said...

Gorgeous photos Leish! They are just adorable! Can't wait to see the layouts now! Hope everything is going well.
Take Care

Julie said...

Hi Alisha, I found your blog link through 123... Your photography is great! Very cute boys. Congrats our your new addition, just in time for Christmas how nice!

Elisa K said...

Alicia these photos are fab. I love the one with them laying down the opposite of each other. Awesome.

Tanya Reedy said...

dont sell yourself short!! the photos look fabulous. They are both beautiful.

Trudi said...

Your photos are just gorgeous Leisha!! You must be so proud.

Congratulations on your creative classroom. Your project looks great

ScrapManda said...

Leish...the photos are fabulous and the boys look gorgeous! Kyan looks like he's enjoying being a big brother!

Mark said...

Hi Leish, we have only just got email working at Mum's. The boys are so cute. Kyan is so grown up. Excellent photos. Will send you a longer email soon. Take care.
Love Leisa Epplett