Thursday, February 14

Photography blog

I have started doing some online photography classes in an attempt to learn to use our camera properly. I have also started doing a couple of photography challenges over at 2peas, so I have set up another blog just for my photos. Feel free to check it out, but please remember that as far as photography and photo editing are concerned, I am very much a beginner, so please be nice:)

Have a look here:


Anonymous said...

Just had a look at the photos, Just Gorgeous Love them all, You have done a great job. Well Done Leish

Love to all

Ang said...

Hi I'm no photographer either but I know what I like and the photos are lovely. You should be very proud of your wonderful accomplishments. I love that you are able to go with your passions.

Oh Scrap!! said...

You are doing great Alicia!! the kids look almost as adorable as they are, miss you, hugs, Rosa.