Monday, June 23


I didn't realise when I wrote my last post that I made the reasons for us coming home sound a bit ominous, and I've made people worry. There is absolutely nothing wrong. Without going into the specifics, we have decided to come home for a few reasons. Financial being one of them, but also Michael's career path and some opportunities that he has been offered back home, plus Kyan's schooling. All of the factors combined make it better for us to be in Brisbane. Although we would love to have stayed another year, there are lots of good reasons for coming home too, so now that the decision is finally made we can start looking forward to a plentiful supply of meat pies and cheese twisties again.

Meanwhile Kyan is a bit sick at the moment. He has asthma which has flared up over the weekend, so he is in hospital at the moment. He is doing much better though and hopefully they will let him come home today. It's been pretty tiring for Michael and I. We don't want him to be there by himself, so we've had one of us there at all times and one of us home with Cameron and we switch whenever one of us gets weary. They have a sleeper lounge in his room though, so that has made it easier, but when Kyan is awake we have been working hard to entertain him without getting him too worked up. Not an easy task for an active 3 year old.

Anyway, just wanted to put everyone's mind at ease. Thanks for your concern. It's good to have friends who worry about us. I better have a shower and swtich shifts with Michael.


Amanda L. said...

Glad Kyan is getting better and hope he is home with you tonight...I know how tiring that can be when they are in the hospital......and enjoy New York while you can!!

Ang said...

Good to hear that Kyan is on the mend. Piper is a bit sick at the moment and lachie has a horrible cough and that's bad enough without the hospital duty as well.
Sending loads of get well soon wishes.

Jessica said...

I was thinking of your today Leish. I can't wait to see you in July. BIG BIG HUGS! xoxox

Tanya Reedy said...

Kids bounce back so quickly I am sure he will be running around at home again before you know it!