Wednesday, January 20

Slack I know

You know you have been neglecting your blog when spammers take up residence in your comment box. Anyway...

Here is a bunch of work from the Q2 Kaisercraft collections. Q3 is in stores. Will have some work to share soon.

If you haven't checked out my etsy store yet, have a look: I have felt and fabric flowers for scrapbooking and cardmaking, and hair accessories for anyone with little girls. I have more stuff coming soon too.

I have been asked by Kylie Hopkins to be a guest teacher back at The details of her design class can be found here:

In home life, Amelie is now 6 months old. She has her first tooth and is more or less crawling. Cameron is having some trouble with his speech development but is coming out with new words all the time. Kyan is starting prep next week. He is very excited about it. It will be fun to see how he goes. I'm sure he thinks it will be just like daycare.


Trudi said...

WOW doesn't time fly by, children just seem to grow up way too quickly - Eloise starts Prep this year as well. Can't believe how fast this has come about. She is so excited about 'big school' as I am sure Kyan is.

Nikki xx said...

It seems like only yesterday we were reading about the birth of Amelie, where has time gone!!! As for the whole school thing...hmmm.. with 2 of my own starting, I'll reserve comment on that one :)

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