Thursday, August 12

More recent stuff

This week was the final round of the Embellish this competition. I was a bit surprised to make it through, as I didn't go much on the challenge last week. It was a good challenge, but just not at all my style.

Will find out tomorrow who has won overall.

I made a birthday cake layout as a pop up.

This was my mixed media mini album from last week, which was a ridiculous amount of work. It's all hand stitched, painted, inked etc, etc..
(Sorry about the bad photos, had to take them at night)


Sandra said...

OMG, Leish these are just STUNNING!!!!!

Tanya Tahir said...

oh my, wow incredibly amazing work, Alicia!!!!!

KerrynF said...

WOW Leish, both your mini album and cake are simply gorgeous.
Good luck with the final round.

Trudi said...

OMG Leish - absolutely amazing in every detail. The cake is well... I am speechless