Monday, June 17

Lots of new work to share

I have lots of new bits and pieces from all over that I haven't shared yet. I worked at the Brisbane Expo last weekend, and got to meet lots of my fellow Manor House friends for the first time, including Jo, who I have known for years and years and never actually met up with. It was a lovely (but tiring day).

Here are a few ManorHouse shares to start with. You can see all of these and so many more wonderful designs from the other girls here.

This is my friend Nicole from her wedding. Our brief on this one was to use a gold colour theme, so I have used MHC mini roses and gold capri flowers.

Next up, we were asked to use purple and red together. This is not a typical colour combination for me, but I think I made it work.

And another layout using the new vines. I love these. One vine cut into three sections and the layout practically does itself.

I'll have some more shares from Down Under Direct for tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

Everything you do is beautiful!! Love all your new pages and thanks for sharing :) Lots of Hugs!