Wednesday, October 7

Mum Bouquet

This week for my Heartfelt Creations project, I decided to try something a little different. I haven't done a card or a layout, but instead wanted to really focus on the pretty flowers that are a part of this collection. I have recently made some silk flower arrangements for fall for my house, and decided I could make something similar using just paper. 

For this bouquet, I have made 10 full sized flowers. As opposed to the close shaped Mums I have previously made with this stamp and die collection, I decided to reverse the shape of the petals, to create a far more open flower. Some dark glass glitter in the flower centres, made these more of a gerbera shape.  I used the same petal in green to line the base of each flower, and used a trimmed down stamp and die image for the leaves. 

Meanwhile, have you checked out the work that Penny O'Dell has done for the blog. She has been using the same die set to create clay jewellery. So clever!


Lizzie said...

WOW WOW and WOW !!

SussiPoppins said...

Hi, what a great idea!...these can be kept almost 4 ever..hugs