Monday, November 23

Exciting things happening at Heartfelt Creations.

Before I show you my project for this week, let me tell you all about a special event happening at Heartfelt Creations. This week, on Black Friday, Emma Lou, the creative director, will be hosting a live stream on the You Tube channel at 1pm EST. This in itself should be fun, but what you really want to be there for is the release of a brand new line of products. 

We designers have been working with these products for the last little while, and I can't even tell you how excited everyone has been putting these together I can't really tell you much more than that without getting into big trouble, but if you check out the blog this week, and watch Emma Lou's video, you will get a pretty good sneak peek. 

In the meantime, I have a new card to share using the All Glammed Up collection.  Just like last week, I have really liked making some new roses to go with this collection, and am loving playing with the Gala Glitz. I need to get this in every colour! I love that you can make a really elegant and different looking rose using this stuff. 

For those of you from home in Australia who love Heartfelt Creations too, you might be interested in a Facebook group called Heartfelt Creators with Heartfelt Creations. I'm not sure how this group came about, it is not run by HFC or the Design Team, but us designers, as well as some of the in-house team do drop by from time to time. It is a great place for Heartfelt customers to share projects they have created using HFC products and a good way to source the products in Australia. Check it out here:


Juliette said...

Alicia, thanks so much for mentioning our Heartfelt Creators with Heartfelt Creations in Australia group on Facebook! We came about because several of us had discovered gorgeous Heartfelt Creations ....loved the flowers.....and were wondering where to buy HC products in Australia...also, questions arose particular to our country, like what weight of paper do you use for the flowers, and where to buy it, etc.

I was chatting with Harlan on the blog, and asked if we could start a group, for those of us in Australia...he thought it a good suggestion, gave me heaps of support and added talented members like yourself and others, who have enabled us to move to new levels of creativity.

We thought we might maybe have ten local members....but in three months our membership has reached 100+ and growing weekly. We are blessed to have such a group of kind and helpful, talented people. More members welcomed!

Martie Rollin said...

Came to your blog to see details of your beautiful album...disappointed that the details have not posted. Your work for HC is so beautiful!! Love how you use your floral displays. Looking forward to coming back to see more photos of that beautiful album.

Alicia Barry said...

Sorry to keep you waiting Martie. Time gets away when you have a young family. I have just posted with lots of photos for you now. Enjoy!