Saturday, January 23

Happy New Year from Ruby Rock-It |Alicia Barry|

For my first project of the month, I have been asked to create something with a New Year theme. We didn't have any big plans for New Year, so I decided to take a different path. Many people make New year resolutions... I am not one of them, but I like to start a New Year trying to be  a bit more organised. 

I have just been out a paper calendar month by month, but really...a crafter should be able to do a bit better than that, so I have created this. I started with a glass frame. I used pretty paper with a generic calendar on the inside of the frame. I used letter stickers for the days. The rest of the embellishments have been added to the outside of the frame so that I could make it a bit more dimensional. 

I added the numbers using a white board marker, and will re-do those each month. The month is mounted on foam dots and can be updated each month too. 

Ruby Rock-It supplies used:

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