Thursday, June 30

Heartfelt Wednesday

Apologies for being late to post this today, but to be perfectly honest, I was spending the day swimming off Waikiki Beach in Hawaii with my family. I'm looking forward to making use of my Under the sea collection and hibiscus dies for all my photos when I get back. I see a Heartfelt Creations mini album on my future. 

Meanwhile, back to my Heaetfelt Creations project for this week. This is a relatively simple double fold offset card. I think for the message of the card, that simple is best. 

A short and sweet post for this week, but check out the blog for lots more as always, and check back in next week for the first of my Christmas, that is not a typo, we really have been working on Christmas already.

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SussiPoppins said...

Hi, I like the opening...and off course the Orchids! Hugs