Wednesday, December 13

Another layout done!

I decided to stay up late last night to keep aneye on Kyan, so what better to do thatn scrap. This is the second one from last night. I just finished it off. I have also done this up as a sketch, which I am about to add to my sketch blog. Has anyone had a chance to have a go at any of them. I would love to have some examples to go with each one. I also love to see how other people interpret them.

Michael is on hos way to LA at the moment, but is only for one night this week. I'm glad he was home while Kyan was sick.


Anonymous said...

Love that layout and sketch! I love your lettering! I hope your little guy feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Lo Looks good as always Leish. I have started to do one just have to put the finishing touches on it. I hope Kyan is feeling better soon Please give him a big Hug and Kiss from Aunty Melinda and tell him I love him very much
Hope you and Michael are both o.k. and Michael's work is going well.

Sara Pearcy said...

I love this layout. Holly is such a sweetie.

I hope Kyan is feeling better today.

xx S.

Jessica said...

could that sketch be any cuter? I LOVE IT! I hope Kyan is better soon! I know what's it's's been going around! :(