Wednesday, March 21

Anyone know how to clean out lipstick.

Jess, I know you will particularly enjoy this story.

Yesterday morning, Kyan woke me up asking me to open his new pack of colours, which like a true amateur I did. I rolled over minutes later to see rows of beautiful crayon colours all over my nice cream sheets. So I stripped the bed, washed and dried the sheets and re-made the bed.

This morning, I noticed that Kyan was a little quiet. I walked into the bedroom to this:

Of course, what kind of scrapbooker would I be if I didn't get this photo:

...and after a busy morning of re-decorating:


Jessica said...

thank god you got pictures. OH MY. what a mess. what a stinker he was this morning!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

After wipping away the tears of laughter I realised the severity of the situation you now find yourself in. This created me to laugh some more. Sorry. I can't imagine a male Barry doing anything like that. It's a setup. Deny it all Kyan.


Sara Pearcy said...

Grrrr to Kyan! Writing on beds must be the game of the week! (Nick did it with pen on dark red, so it wasn't nearly as bad!)

The colour suits Kyan. ;)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING? WOULDN'T YOU LOVE TO KNOW? What a mess! You are probably getting sick and tired of soaking, scrubbing and washing by now? I hate cleaning everyday food stains off! I've found a very handy book for removing all sorts of stains on different surfaces- SPOTLESS by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming. Sounds like you might be able to use a few tips!!!!
Apart from that, love the photos and your layouts! Thinking of you!

Jo said...

But isn't he gorgeous? They are always angels when they are asleep. Hope it all came out.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Oh Leish!
Do you remember my DD doing that not long ago?
I know how you feel...although our sheets were a darker blue, got most of it out, not all of it. Go the Sards!!
I can live with a little bit on the edge.
Exactly the same scenario in our've never seen me fly out of bed so fast! LOL
Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

What a little rascal. He is cute though. All the joys I have to look forward to. Looked in a book for you and it says to put glycerine on the stain, leave for a couple of hours then wash in hot soapy water. Hope it works!!!!

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Oh Alicia - they say scrapbooking actually has saved many children from being strangled - you are so keen to get a photo of it all that you forget to be mad!

I know the feeling - Thomas did that to the walls in his bedroom when he was about two and a half - we had our house on the market at the time as well - GRRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

Alicia, Chaise got into my bag, and did the same thing while I was on the phone, and drew all over himself as well as the floor, lucky for me it was tiles. I can so relate LOL !!

Good luck with your new Website.

Best Wishes

Giovanna Scott said...

LOL - is Kyan reading what Rainer gets up to??!!! Typical boy behaviour - ditch the cream sheets Leish!!

AnnetteL said...

OMGosh Leish! What a little artist you have there! LOL I do hope you could get most of it washed out! Looking forward to the scrapping page about this one. Take Care. Cheers Annette

Anonymous said...

LOL.....see, there's talent budding at an early age! The boy is artistic and creative....he just needs some guidance! LOL

Awesome photos....can't wait to see them scrapped!