Wednesday, March 28

Slack at blogging.

I've been really slack lately. I feel like I have been really busy. I'm sorry that I haven;t been getting around to comment on blogs. I will get back into it really soon.

've had a couple of deadlines keeping me going. I can't show any of it yet, but come back on the first for a truckload of work to show. That will also be the day I can reveal my new DT spot.

Mihael is still in Chicago. We have barely seen him lately, although this past weekend, we did have some time together in Washington. It was Marcel's birthday, so we spent the weekend there with him and Belinda. It was nice. Washington is a nice place. It;s much quieter than NY and very clean. I could imagine living there. It was nice to be able to share Kyan around for a few days too. The sheets did come come clean by the way.

Less than 2 weeks now til we come home. I'm trying to think of all the things I need to do between now and then. I better start a list. We are having a crop at Scrapbook City on Friday the 13th. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. It looks like it will be quite a crowd.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Looking forward to seeing you when you come home. Might have to drop by SC that night!

Chelle Xx

Jessica said...

well you aren't the only one slacking on blogging...where does the time go? glad the sheets came clean and you got to spend a little time with Kyan. Bet you are super excited to go home!!! woo hoo!

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

So sorry I won't be able to make the crop Alicia - we will be away camping with my family. Will be a shame to miss seeing you!