Saturday, April 28

Tagged, Tagged, and Tagged.

I've been tagged three times, by three people, with the same tag. The idea is to post 7 random facts about myself, and then to tag 7 people bu commenting on their blog.

I am not inreresting enough for 21 random facts, so I'm going to cheat and just do the 7. Let me apologise now, most of these will probably not be new to many of you.

1. I am currently on 4 design teams. I used to be on another, but had to give it up when we moved to America. I manage my time pretty weel, so that I can balance them all. I know it's a lot, but I love all of them and couldn't pick one to give up if I had to.

2. I used to do Irish dancing before I had Kyan, and made my own competition dress from scratch, which is all appliqued with butterflies.

3. I like to watch the show Reba. Kyan now names all the characters when the show comes on.

4. My other two favourite shows are Grey's Anatomy and Will and Grace. I know most of the episodes by heart, and can pick the ep from the first minute of the show.

5. I went to the Australian Catholic University, even though I am not catholic.

6. I don;t really like vegetables all that much. I have only really started eating them as an adult, and I can only eat them if I mix it with potato.

7. I didn;t get my driver's licence until I was 21.

Phew... now I tag....Sara, Jess, Kat, Tam, Ang, Julie, and Leone.

Thanks to Sara and Chelle for signing up at 2CC. Much appreciated. I hope you will have a chance to join in some challenges. I have a bit of competition from Renee (fellow DT) at the moment, so I need lots more people to go and sign up for me. Don't forget, if you then refer people you get points too.

The guest designer challenge will close soon. There are not all that many entries yet, so the odds are really good. Great way to get a free kit, and they are really lovely kits too.

I have some work to show, but I am not on my own computer, so I'll add those later.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Might have to give one of the Challenges a try....:)

Chelle Xx

Jessica said...

Leish, your facts crack me up! seriously!! no veggies??? what? and I can totally picture you doing Irish Dancing. LOVE it! to do my thing on my blog.

Renee said...

Don't worry Alicia- you've got me beat with all your friends registering ASAP- you are on fire with the referral contest! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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