Wednesday, April 4

We have a climber.

Just a quick psot to share this photo of Kyan. I could him him being a bit whingy in his room, and walked in to find that he had climbed on top of his toybox and onto his drawers to reach something on top, only he got stcuk and couldn't get down again.


Melinda said...

He Certianly does know how to get into those tight spots doesn't he by the look of it. Hope he got down o.k.
Can't wait to see you all

Luv To You All

Michelle Jamieson said...

Little monkey!

We also have a little climber in our house - Miss Ella!!

Looking forward to seeing you while you are home. Have a great Easter!:)

Chelle Xx

Sara Pearcy said...

Yeah, good luck with that!! rofl!!
xx S.

Ang said...

Hi Alicia
yes they put monkeys to shame. It would be great to make a playdate for when you get back. Text me as I always have my mobile but am hit and miss with my emails. Looking forward to it.

Sharyn said...

Hmm, gotta love the climbers!! If you get a chance drop in on my blog...I have updated and changed the look!!
Have a great Easter!

AnnetteL said...

Hee hee how cute is that? Have fun while you are in Aus and I may see you Friday. Cheers Annette