Friday, December 7

Birthday Thanks

I am 32 now. One of the good things about the time difference between here and Australia is that birthdays seem to go for 2 days. I got lots of emails and messages over the two days which has been really nice. I had a quiet day today, although I did have to go out this afternoon to do a boring job and got stuck int he snow yet again. Michael and Kyan took me out for dinner which was really nice. I got a gold bracelet from Michael and Kyan which matches the necklace that they gave me last year. I'll try to take a photo over the weekend.

No baby news, which is good. I wouldn't want him to have to share his birthday with me. He should have one all of his own. I'm starting to feel it though. I was only out for a couple of hours this afternoon, and by the time I got home again I was destroyed. It doesn't help having to wear even more wieght in jackets and gloves etc, and having a toddler in tow. I'm sure I can manage another week and a half.


Giovanna Scott said...

Happy Birthday Leish!! Glad to hear the bump is doing well. Have a great Xmas if I don't pop back before then
xx gigi

Michelle Jamieson said...

Happy Birthday Leish!!

Sounds like you had a nice day, being spoilt by your boys!!

Chelle Xx

Ang said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alicia happy birthday to you. Lots of happy wishes

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Happy Birthday Alicia. Glad everything is going well with the baby - hope all goes well when he decides to arrive!