Thursday, December 6

School Lotteries.

I've had a few people mention lately that they have been keeping up with my blog, so I am going to try to get better at updating. Please leave me acomment if you come though, otherwise I assume no-one is reading it, and it is harder to make myself keep it up to date.

No baby yet. Not much sleep either thanks to him wriggling around all over the place. I see the Dr again on Monday and so I will push for him to book in a date for us. Mum come next Thursday, so once she is here to look after Kyan we don't mind too much when it is. If he comes early, Michael may well have to miss the whole thing as he will have to look after Kyan.

I took Kyan to a school open house today. It seems like a strange time of year to be doing it, but everything is backwards here. The schools have pre-K here for 4 year olds. It would be perfect for Kyan as he desperately wants and needs to go to school. I guess it is like pre0school at home. It's not compulsory, so there are not enough places for everyone. The school is only a 5 minute walk away, which is great, but I understand that about 100 sets of parents will register for only 18 spots. It is then drawn as a public lottery, so if he isn't lucky on the day, he has to wait a whole other year.

We had snow again yesterday which was nice, except were out in it. So I had Kyan in one had, bags of shopping onthe other hand, and had to wait on the snow for the bus. Not ideal. It's much more fun to watch it from inside the house.

Here is an advent calendar that I made for Kyan with the Dec kit from 2 croppin cousins, plus a couple of other projects.


Sara Pearcy said...

I have my fingers crossed for everything to go as you'd like with Bub. ;)

LOVE the "Cold Out Here" layout - the photo is so precious. The advent calendar is gorgeous too. ....and the birthday calendar. Okay, so I love it all!

I have everything crossed hoping Kyan gets in, too. :)

Brendy said...

I had to come and check how you are going with your pregnancy... woo hoo not long to go now :) Good Luck and I will be thinking of YOU!
Happy Birthday for today also...
Love your layouts and the calendars you have made they are all gorgeous!!!
Wow I cant believe Kyan will be going to school, good luck with this also.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sis hope you had a great day.
The calendar is awesome I Love it! Great lo's as well.
Once again you have done some amazing work.

Love to you all

Kerryn said...

Hey Leish, you work looks beautiful as always, the advent calender is sooo cool.
Seeings you have obviously missed having your baby on your birthday can you hold out til mine LOL!!! Hope all goes well, can't wait to hear the news.
Hope you enjoy today and get lots of nice things.

Oh Scrap!! said...

Everything looks beautiful,good luck with Kyle's school and
Happy Birthday Alicia!!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

What date are you due with bub? Seems to have snuck up on me! :)

The school thing does seem weird? A lottery??

Love the "Cold out Here" LO...very cute!!

Chelle Xx