Wednesday, March 26

General update

We booked our flights for our trip home. I'm looking forward to eating a lot. We can't wait for meat pies, lamb sandwiches, silverside, sausages, ice break (that's for Michael) chocolate of course, and I'm sure plenty of other things too. I have my good friend Nic's weddinig while we are there, as well as my high school reunion. No idea what I will wear to either yet. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends Tania and Leisa from school. Kyan is counting the sleeps til he gets to see all his grandparents, and I'm sure they are equally as anxious, especially since 3 out of 4 of them have not met Cameron yet. The boys are both good, althoguh Cameron is having a bit of a whinge fest at the moment. I wonder if he is having a growth spurt.

I headed out to take a few photos today. It's definitely getting towards Spring. I found lots of flowers to take photos of. I'll upload them to my photography blog over the next few days once I have had a chance to edit them.

I have been busy trying to get lots of jobs done now beofre we go away. I've put a couple of new classes up at MCC.They are both projects and I have special offers on both of them at the moment. One you can do for just $10 and the other one you can get for FREE (conditions apply) Check out the site for the details.

Kyan has been doing more and more artwork lately. I'm trying to do some with him plus he does some at playgroup and at the Y, so I am putting together an art journal for him. Each time he brings something home, I photograph it and am putting together an album. It wont be scrapped. Just photos with a label. I've been doing some for a friend as well, and hope to do some more around the place.


Jo Hutchison said...

Yay!! You're coming home. Would love to see you while you are here. Safe trip.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...coming home!!
I bet you can't wait! It will be fun travelling with 2 littlies though. Hope it all goes well and enjoy your stay!

Chelle Xx

Oh Scrap!! said...

Cameron looks adorable!! great picture Alicia, i forgot you were going home in April, i'm sure you'll have a great time and the kids are going to get spoil a lot while you sleep, o do nothing hehe hugs.

Leah C said...

So happy you get to go home for a visit. Hope your time is wonderful! Cameron looks so darling with the easter eggs.

Jessica said...

I can't believe you are so close to going back home to visit!! I bet you are super excited! (are you stopping in portland?) wish you would!! XOOXOXOX

Anonymous said...
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