Monday, March 10

New class

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have opened up a new class at It is using my sketches for card making. Don't forget that Aussie's can play too, since you complete the class in your own time.

Here are some projects I have done for

Cameron is doing well. He smiles whnever he sees us, and even if we ask him to a lot of the time. He is starting to giggle a little bit.He's not sleeping right through the night, but he does go straight back to sleep after his feed. Kyan started Playgroup last week, so that he can hang out with some kids his own age. He seems to like it so far, especially since they have Thomas toys there.

Michael is currently on his way to Cape Canaveral. He had to go to Florida for work, and it turned out that they happen to be launching a space shuttle tonight, so he is very excited. It's something he has always wanted to see. He's taken all the camera gear, so hopefully he will have something to show for it when he comes back.


Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

OMG Leish, that class looks FUN FUN FUN! and that explosion box is to die for!! I adore it, I don't know how you do it month after month!

Jo said...

Hi Alicia,

I love the cards and the layouts. Have always wanted to do an explosion box. I may attempt it this year. I'm off to have a look at your card class.

Hoping Michael gets some great photos, would love to see them.


Anonymous said...

Leish some more great lo's and Love that explosion box.


Anonymous said...
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