Thursday, April 6

Easter time with Heartfelt Creations

It is almost time for a new product release over at Heartfelt Creations, but I really wanted to take a week out to go back and work some more with the Flowering Dogwood collection. I think this is one of my favourite ranges. The colours are soft and pretty and the flowers are very sweet. 

This range even gave me an opportunity to go back and do some fussy cutting, which I haven't done in ages. 

If you look over on the blog you will see that many of the designers have done the same thing, and gone back to re-visit old collections. This wasn't planned, it just happens that way sometime and is a good opportunity to go back and give those collections a second look. 

At the same time as looking back, I'm sure you are looking forward to the new collection, so lucky for you, you will also catch a glimpse of that over on the blog.

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