Monday, May 1

Another long weekend gone. I'm going to miss them. I love 4 day weeks. Got a fair bot of scrapping done this weekend. I finished the cover of the baby journal for my sister, but I haven't photographed it yet. I finished a layout that I started at Deb's. I also got some DT stuff done, which is good.

We went to Ikea on Saturday and I got some really great glass jars for my ribbon scraps, so now they are all colour organised. They were only $5 for 4 of them too, so that was a bargain. I found some other stuff that I would like for my room, but with New York looming, Michael reckons there is no point getting more stuff to go on the walls.

I got some of my New Zealand photos printed up yesterday. I am having trouble uploading them here though. Maybe they are too big.

I got around to doing my canvas for the SAM cc and I'm really happy with the result. It;s a set of 4 mini canvases that i'll hang together like a montage.

My good friend Kate just called me from Emerald. I'm missing her a lot since she moved so it was really good to talk to her, and the best part is, she might be coming to New York at the end of the year.

Finally for today a big HI to Jen and Jill, who are new visitors to my blog.


Sara Pearcy said...

I'll have to get myself to Ikea, I think! I know what you mean about the four day weeks. I'm going to miss them as well. It is so much easier having John home extra time!

xx S.

Shirls said...

who doesn't love ikea, scrapbookers' storage's your email, Alicia? Email me at


peta said...

Yeah I know what you mean about the long weekends it will be very hard to go to work for the full week ..... I will add you to my list Alicia thanks for stopping by my Blog!

Jen said...

ahh shucks ma'am my pleasure for dropping by. Hey my good friend Kylie Mobbs lives in Emerald (she got married last year to Tony she use to be Lawrence) she works at the hospital. I wonder... nah probably not. Emerald is not that small - is it?

jilly said...

Alicia your work is just gorgeous! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Shirls said...

sorry, alicia. i totally forgot about emailing you the pic of the project and now i couldn't find your email addy?