Saturday, May 20

Oops, here was I promising to update this more often and it has been a whole week. I guess I figure that it will be a boring read because I still can;t access my photos to share. The good news is that Michael has taken the computer to the repair shop, so hopefully we will be back to normal really soon.

In other news, I am off to ISC in the morning with the lovely Sara to do a workshop with Alannah Jergensmeyer from Arctiv Frog, so I am really looking forward to that.

Things are progressing very slowly on the New York front but no news yet. We are having fun on the net though, deciding where we might like to live.

A big Hi, to Vic who dropped in for a visit. Hope to see you around more often. I hope that baby belly isn't giving you too much grief. Not long now!

Not much else to report. Got some great new stuff from Bumblebee yesterday, but I can't share just yet. The ads that I have seen have been quite good so far, which is really nice. It's nice when people recognise it. Once I can get to my photos again, I'll post the published work here, so you can see which ones were mine. In the latest SM, mine is the one about the USA.

Best get off to bed so I can make it to the coast by 8 in the morning.


Sara Pearcy said...

Yay, another post on your blog - lol! ISC was fun. Thanks for keeping me company!

xx S.

Sara Pearcy said...

...and now it's been another ten days!!! ;)

xx S.

jilly said...

I'm with Sara - Alicia, you are an even worse blogger than I am lol!!

XXX Jill