Friday, May 12

I haven't been able to post for a while for a few resons. We've been away, we've been sick and our computer has died. I can use Michael's laptop now to surf the net, but I can't get access to any photos so this will be a pretty boring post.

On a scrapping front I have been very busy at Indro. We have the retreat coming up soon, so there is lots to be done for that. i have almost finished the layout that I will be teaching. I have also done up the new design team kits, and the June customer challenge kit and some other kits that I can;t really talk about yet. it's all very exciting, but quite time consuming,. It's good to have it all done for the moment.

I'm busily working on my bunblebee design team stuff. There are new ads out int he mags but I haven't seen them yet.

Not much else going on really. Amanda is back from Canada, so I look forward to catching up with her.

Meanwhile, Michael is watching The Roadrunner (beep, beep) so I might try to sneak inside for some scrapping time.


Sara Pearcy said...

I've been here since we got off the phone, but now I'm going to bed. What do you think? The banner is temp until we can make one from photos. I kept your green, even though I was very tempted to change it. If you change the colour now, you will lose all the savings.

xx S.

Scrapmanda said...

Saw the Bumblebee ad (p.14-15)in the latest SC (Sara's edition!!!) and you can clearly see your pic a couple of times & your gorgeous stitching on the 'piece of me' item....looks fantastic.

Jen said...

(True blue here) Hey Alicia I like the banner. Where do you go to find out how to do a banner like that I would like to jazz up mine abit (a place other than Sara lol)keep up the good work and I hope that your computer comes back on board soon