Friday, February 16

Cyber crops galore

Tomorrow will be one busy day in cyber scrap land. I am involved in 2 cyber crops at the same time. In fact, it is actually a good thing, since it means that it will only be the one weekend day away from Michael and Kyan instead of 2.

So, anyone who is looking for a challenge and of course great prizes, check out both Scrappy Giraffe and 2croppincousinz for lots of fun.


Giovanna Scott said...

Love the layouts Leish. Spreading yourself thin already?? Stay well in that freezing cold weather.

Tanya Reedy said...

I love your handwriting I wish my scribble looked that good. Have fun cyber cropping I hope the computer holds out on you and doesn't overload with all of this scrapping on-line.

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Alicia
Beautiful layouts as always.
Best Wishes

Sara Pearcy said...

More gorgeous layouts! I hope the CC's go well!
xx S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leish, looks like you are keeping yourself VERY busy.
How did the retreat go?

Jessica said...

I love these layouts, so lovely!!! those crops were sure fun weren't they!!!

Anonymous said...

Some more great lo's. Sounds like you are keeping really busy.

Big Hugs to you all

Michelle Jamieson said...

Beautiful L/O's Leish!

Doesn't Michael look like his Mum?? WOW!

The park you have a tripod or did Kyan take that? LOL If he did, I think he's a photographer in the making!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Alicia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leisha, I hope you had fun on your Cyber Crops, great layouts.

Best Wishes

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

wow!!! your work is just beautiful!!


Michelle Lindenmayer said...

You really are one busy girl - love that Mother & Son LO - lovely and warm. How exciting to be able to play in the snow - my kids ask about that all the time!

Jenny said...

Hey Leish
I am starting to make my way back around the blogs again to try and catch up with everyone. Boy you have really settled in, in the Big Apple. That snow must be so much fun for Kyan. Keep well hope to catch up with you when you come home.

Brendy xx said...

OK I thought I had already commented on these layouts, sorry.
But as usual they are gorgeous, I especially love the one of Michael and his Mum.
Have missed you on the site lately:)