Thursday, February 1

Forum down and some layouts.

Scrapbook City
It seems that someone has hacked into the Scrapbook City messageboard overnight and disabled it. Hoe rude and annoying is that. The good news is that Kerri backed it up yesterday so we shouldn't have lost anything. We should be able to get it back online really soon.

If anyone needs to talk to us about Reality Scraps, don't forget we set up an external email for you at:

I ask that anyone reading this please respect that this is for Scrapbook City customers use only.

The Reality Scrap kits have been mailed and I understand some people have already received theirs. Sara has done an awesome job putting them together and I'm sure that everyone will be really happy with them.

Being the first of the month, menas that the montly kit has been revealed which means I can show m projects using the kit.

It was a beautiful kit to work with, and Kelly does a great job with the custom tags.

You'll want to be quick if you wnat to buy this kit. The cute ribbon jars that you can buy with it have already sold out.


We had morning tea with the Mums and Bubs group today which was lovely. I also found out about a free music class through the group which I'm sure Kyan would love. I ran into my neighbours tonight also and we have arranged to go the gym tomorrow, so it's nice to be getting out of the house, and for Kyan to have some other kids to play with.


Unknown said...

That kit certainly does look gorgeous. Love what you've done with it.

grrr at the hacker.

Brendy xx said...

Georgeous layouts and papers. Love what you have done with it all.

I am sick of these hackers! At least we can still access the gallery and people can still upload there layouts....

Sara Pearcy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! They look better here than in the email! 2CC are lucky to have you!

(Grrrr to the hackers!! I've been cranky all day because of it!)
xx S.

Jo said...

Bl**dy Hackers! Haven't they got anything better to do? Hope you can get everything fixed quickly.

I love your layouts. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Tanya Reedy said...

Beautiful pages Alicia what a great kit to work with. Kyan is gorgeous!! How is he so blond? Are you enjoying the snow? So disapointed about Scrapbook City maybe it was a disgrunteled husband.

Terri said...

Alicia all thes projects are beautiful!!!!

Shame about the hackers..... just don't see what they get out of doing it? Hopefully it will be all back up working soon.

Liz Weber said...

Alica those are such beautiful layouts and tags - I would love one of those kits - maybe you need Sara to set up an extra shop here on the side LOL. I will be drooling over these layouts for awhile :-)

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Alicia
Beautiful layouts as always.
Hope all goes well with the hacker issue. Idiots surely they can find something else to do besides destroy our forum.
Best Wishes

Angela said...

Leish these are absolutely beautiful!

Julie said...

Girl I love the work!! The flowers are AWESOME!!!!!!

Sarah said...

All of thse are just stunning!!