Wednesday, February 14

Snow, snow, snow.

Here's what we woke up to this morning.
Naturally we had to go out and have a play.

Once the snow stops actually falling, we'll go out and play again. Hopefully there might be enough for a snowman.


Melinda said...

Hey Leish that snow looks so cold and Kyan looks so cute in that outfit. Sounds like you are going to have heaps of fun playing in it.
Hugs to you all

Leone said...

Kyan looks adorable in that outfit! He's grown so much hasn't he? Ah it looks so cold - are you missing our humid summer?

Michelle Jamieson said...

Leish, that snow looks beautiful! It's been pretty warm back here at home...nothing unusual!! :-)

Kyan looks like he is enjoying the snow!

Chelle Xx

Scrapmanda said...

I agree Leone - Kyan has definately grown! What a big boy - out playing in that gorgeous snow! Had to laugh when I saw his shovel - made me think of the beach!!! Can't wait to see the LO's!

Giovanna Scott said...

Good to see you blogging again. Thanks for dropping by :)

Sara Pearcy said...

lol - that shovel reminded me of the beach too. :) Kyan is so gorgeous.

Your name in the snow turned out really well. :)
xx S.