Thursday, September 28

The Big Green Lady

Lot of photos today. These are from last week when we went to the Statue of Liberty. Kyan keeps calling it the Big Green Lady. The views were pretty good, but by the time we got to the top, Kyan was overdue for a sleep and just screamed the whole time.

The photo of me was taken in Central Park in "The Avenue", which was really pretty.

We did very little today. Michael has come off tonight with our Real Estate Broker for drinks so I am planning on doing some scrapping tonight, but first I have to get Kyan into bed.

Enjoy the photos.


Joanne Hutchison said...

Hi Alicia,

They are gorgeous photos. Can't wait to see the layouts. I am pleased you are settling in.


Kaye said...

Hi all. Great photos. Love the one of Kyan

Sara Pearcy said...

You look beautiful in your "Avenue" photo. Kyan is just oh-so gorgeous, too. How sweet is that photo? I love seeing some photos now. Makes me miss you less. Guess I should find some pics for my blog too!

xx S.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia, Looks like your having heaps of fun over there exploring and of course Kyan is going to get everyone's attention. (He's the cutest!!!) Give him a big hug from me. Your pics look great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leish!

Love all the pics, especially Kyan and you in the Avenue! Looks warm over there. Weather ok?

It's great seeing what you've been up to. NY looks beautiful. Loving the "Big green lady"...that's very cute.

Chelle Xx

Crissy Gaylor said...

What an awesome adventure you guys are on! Thanks for sharing :)

Scrapmanda said...

Thanks for the photo's Leish - lovely to "see" you all having fun in NY

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Hey Alicia, those photos are great - makes it seem real that you aren't here anymore! Glad you are settling in to life in NY.

peta said...

WOW sounds like you are having loads of fun the central park photo is great ....let me know if the cafe cenral perk from 'Friends'
is really and if so can you get a pic I loved that show as much as Sara Loves Scrubs!!! Nice to hear from you I have updated my blog tonight as well!!!!

petamb said...

Great Photos,
I would love to travel over there one day to see the "big green lady". LOL, (thats so cute)
You guys look like you had a fun adventure..

scrapadel said...

I have always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.

All the photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jen said...

Thanks for the photos. You look like a native new yorker. Kyan is looking cute as a button